• the duke boutique hotel gozo

    The Duke Boutique Hotel in Gozo

    We have just returned home in Malta from a relaxing weekend break in Gozo, and I only have beautiful things to say about the properties we stayed at. One of the properties we experienced this weekend was The Duke Boutique Hotel situated on the 4th and 5th Floor of the Duke’s Shopping Mall in Victoria, […]

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    Weekend Break at Sweet Life Gozo

    We just came back from the most relaxing staycation in #Gozo at Sweet Life Gozo, a newly opened bed-and-breakfast run by the delectable host Alessia De Martino and her family, in the heart of Kercem. The venue feels warm and welcoming, with its stylish decor but mostly with this Italian family, being so friendly and […]

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    When the Sun Sets on Xwejni Bay Gozo

    A collaboration with Magda Photography We love Gozo so much. It is a peaceful little island just a few hours away from Malta by drive and ferry. This time we met some friends for a casual sunset dinner meet up on Xlendi Bay, with the kids running together with no worry in the world – […]

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    Mermaids For A Day

    A Collaboration with Mermaids Club Malta Mermaids – those half-human, half-fish sirens of the sea — are legendary sea creatures chronicled in maritime cultures since time immemorial. The ancient Greek poet Homer wrote of them in The Odyssey. In the ancient Far East, mermaids were the wives of powerful sea-dragons, and served as trusted messengers between […]

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    Gozo island is always a good idea

    Last week we hopped on to the ferry boat from Malta to spend a few days of simple bliss on the island of Gozo. After many months of confinement and strict Covid measures, this was to be our first little family getaway this Summer. And what a treat to the mind, body and soul! We […]

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    To Gozo island with love

    Last weekend we enjoyed a weekend on Gozo island. Timed with #Inhobbok, the Valentine’s Campaign by which included a wide range of activities and events across two weeks, it was the cutest excuse to go on a little romantic getaway, two days of relaxation and enjoying the present moment with my husband Marco. Gozo […]

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    Best Things to do in Cairo

    Few highlights from this trip to Cairo, Egypt  with Rami’s Insight Tours Part 1 of 3 –  February  2020- Egypt trip • Giza Pyramids • Camel riding • Lunch with locals • Papyrus & Perfume Tour This month took me to a country I have grown to love very much – Egypt – and thanks […]