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    Gozo island is always a good idea

    Last week we hopped on to the ferry boat from Malta to spend a few days of simple bliss on the island of Gozo. After many months of confinement and strict Covid measures, this was to be our first little family getaway this Summer. And what a treat to the mind, body and soul! We […]

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    To Gozo island with love

    Last weekend we enjoyed a weekend on Gozo island. Timed with #Inhobbok, the Valentine’s Campaign by which included a wide range of activities and events across two weeks, it was the cutest excuse to go on a little romantic getaway, two days of relaxation and enjoying the present moment with my husband Marco. Gozo […]

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    Best Things to do in Cairo

    Few highlights from this trip to Cairo, Egypt  with Rami’s Insight Tours Part 1 of 3 –  February  2020- Egypt trip • Giza Pyramids • Camel riding • Lunch with locals • Papyrus & Perfume Tour This month took me to a country I have grown to love very much – Egypt – and thanks […]

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    Why Travel Makes You Awesome

    When you travel, you are bound to experience changes within yourself. Why? Because you are exposed to so many new experiences, cultures, foods and you have to make decisions in countries you are not familiar with. You feel free from the norm. I believe that travel makes everybody a cooler and more likeable person. We […]

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    A Dream Weekend Trip To Cannes

    Cannes was the perfect destination for a long weekend! The resort town is, of course, best known for the Cannes Film Festival when the rich and famous come here to the French Riviera in May. The atmosphere during the festival is astounding, and depending on where you stay, you can watch the famous stars hit […]

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    My Return to Egypt for More Exploration

    This is the first blog about my trip to Egypt with Rami’s Insight Tours and Airmalta Highlights include: *Abu Simbel Temples, Aswan, *Isis Temple, Aswan *KOM OMBO Temple  & Crocodile Museum *The Nile Cruise aboard the Radamis floating hotel Hello my friends. Thank you for connecting with me through my Blog. Is Egypt is a […]

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    Museums, boat rides and hospitality in Egypt

    Part Three of Three of my recent adventure to Giza and Cairo with Rami’s Insight Tours Subjects Covered in this Blog *Egyptian Museum in Cairo *Learning How Egyptian Papyrus is made *Boat Ride along the River Nile *Accomodation and next tour trip planned in October Malta Hello everyone! Trust you are all well and enjoying […]