The World of Crystals

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    What Are Aura Crystals And How Are They Made?

    We all love some juicy coloured crystals but for some Aura Crystals are taboo while for others they are real treasures. Let’s dispel some myths and dig into this Guide to Aura Crystals so you can make up your own mind as to whether you will bring an Aura Crystal into your life. Big thanks […]

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    THE PYRITE CRYSTAL – for Luck, Success and Protection

    One of my personal favourite crystals, and also one of the absolute shoppers’ favourite in MY JEWELLERY COLLECTION at Gemstones & Jewellery by GC  protects us against all forms of negative vibrations or energy, working on the physical, etheric, and emotional levels. It stimulates the intellect and enhances memory, helping to recall relevant information. Pyrite […]

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    Best Crystals For Fertility and Sexual Energy

    We are amid a global infertility crisis when the failure to have children is one of the most common causes for a doctor’s visit. According to the website, twenty-five percent of modern couples who are in their mid-thirties are infertile or incapable of conceiving following a year or more of daily intercourse. One of […]

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    An Introduction to the World of Crystals Hi Everyone! I’m so over the moon by the overwhelming response to the Crystals Workshops I’ve started hosting this month. Already 3 sessions have been done in the past month, These were aimed at beginners ie people who were looking for basic knowledge about Crystals and Gemstones. They […]

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    Hi Everyone! I hope this blog finds you in good spirits. The world is going through huge Planetary Consciousness shifts right now and it’s crucial we keep as centred and calm as possible. We’re all being challenged in so many ways. This year is the year Everybody will remember in history of mankind as that […]

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    Why Decorate my Office with Crystals?

    A rehaul of your workspace or home office with crystals can help you remove that stale, dull energy and replace it with motivational and productive vibes. Crystals are beautiful and inspiring to look at and give off all kinds of positive healing powers. Whether you work from an office, cubicle, studio, shop, restaurant, vehicle or […]

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    Lapis Lazuli Crystal – it’s History and attraction

    A blue stone of celestial influence, Lapis Lazuli is a highly sought after crystal of Lapis Lazuli’s strengths lie in its deeply calming and connective energies—helping one tap into the great wisdom and calming presence of the spirit realm. Its psychic stimulating ability brings one into a greater harmony with cosmic knowledge and truth. A […]

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    Best Crystals for Anxiety

    Hi there! Welcome to my Lifestyle Blog where I share with you all the things I love and am passionate about. If you’re into Crystals, you know that there’s a crystal for everything. Some can ward off negative energy, others can heal your broken heart, and still others can be used to calm you down […]