What Are Aura Crystals And How Are They Made?

We all love some juicy coloured crystals but for some Aura Crystals are taboo while for others they are real treasures. Let’s dispel some myths and dig into this Guide to Aura Crystals so you can make up your own mind as to whether you will bring an Aura Crystal into your life.

Big thanks and credit to House of Formlab for all this  information and images.

What are Aura Crystals?

Aura Crystals are real Quartz crystals which have been enhanced by modern alchemy. This intensifies the original elements of the base crystal (usually Quartz or Amethyst) plus emits a unique set of new energies. They come in a number of wild colours each of which helps expand consciousness and heal the physical and spiritual body with their extremely high vibration. In general, we don’t promote any heat-treated or synthetic crystals here at House of Formlab, however, Aura crystals possess unique energies which come from combining crystals with precious elements such as Gold, Silver, Platinum and Titanium.

Crystals much like plants tend to reflect what we give them, so when treated with love and nurtured Aura crystals can help bring positive energy into our homes and lives.

How are Aura Crystals Made?

Aura Crystals are created through a technique which electrostatically bonds minerals and precious metals to the surface of real crystal creating a magical aura coloured layer.

Clear Quartz, Milky Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Quartz Geodes or other types of crystals are placed into a vacuum chamber and heated to over 800°C at which point a vapour of precious metal(s) is added which then coats the crystal and its atoms bond to the surface. This is a risky process and crystals with fracture lines do not survive. The coloured iridescent metallic sheen of the crystal and its new properties are defined by the precious metal that is used in the vapour. The most common elements to make Aura Crystals with are Gold, Platinum, Titanium, Silver, Iron, Magnesium, and Nickel.

Do you prefer ocean blue, magick apple or unicorn rainbows? Aura crystals have you covered. Each colour has its own set of magick properties alongside its brilliant coat of precious metal.


What types of Aura Crystals are there?


Aqua Aura is a light blue crystal which brings us to our higher self, allowing us to speak honestly, with clarity of mind. It’s extremely high vibrations remove insecurities aiding communication and empowerment.

Alchemy: Quartz (SiO₂) + Gold (Au)



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Titanium ‘Rainbow’ Aura is also called the ‘Stone of Universal Light.’ These blue oily rainbows activate, balance, and cleanse all major chakras. It is an energy amplifier, enhancing creativity and psychic powers.

Quartz (SiO₂) + Titanium (Ti)

Angel Aura radiates a rainbow of colours. This crystal connects us to other realms giving you deep insights into the Universe. Also known as ‘Unicorn Aura’ or ‘Opal Aura,’ it has a calming effect bringing you inner peace and the confidence to listen to your intuitions. A base crystal of Clear or Rose Quartz is often used.

Alchemy: Quartz (SiO₂) + Silver (Ag) + Platinum (Pt)



Rose Aura emits vibes of unconditional love. This pink crystal is a powerful cosmic connector helping you to understand your spiritual purpose. An excellent energy regulator it deflects electromagnetic smog.

Alchemy: Quartz (SiO₂) + Platinum (Pt)



Amethyst ‘Lavender’ Aura is generally created on a base of real Clear Quartz or Amethyst. These mysterious purple crystals generate feelings of wholeness, happiness, joy and zen. They are also said to channel the spirits of nature and beings from the Faery Realm.

Alchemy: Quartz (SiO₂) + Platinum (Pt) + Magnesium (Mg) (+Silver, (Ag))

Champagne Aura is pale smoky gold in colour and a powerful purifier, removing blockages and allowing inner energy vibrations to become soothed and calm. It also stops negative thinking and repels unwanted energy.

Alchemy: Quartz (SiO₂) + Gold (Au) + Iron (Fe)

Tangerine Aura, also known as “Sun Aura” is a delicious orange crystal to awaken and free your spirit. It is used to unlock the Third Eye Chakra and stimulate Chi. A healing crystal to use following shock or trauma.

Alchemy: Quartz (SiO₂) + Gold (Au) + Iron Oxide (FeO)

Tanzine ‘Indigo’ Aura is deep blue in colour it also deepens your senses, giving you enhanced abilities to perceive the world around you and giving you subtlety in delicate communications. It clarifies your intuition giving you the confidence to follow your instincts.

Alchemy: Quartz (SiO₂) + Gold (Au) + Indium (In) + Niobium (Nb)

Apple Aura is a stunning delicate pale yellow/green crystal which gives you a more positive outlook on life and helps you to become emotionally stable. It promotes mental endurance and stops outside forces from draining your mojo.

Alchemy: Quartz (SiO₂) + Nickel (Ni) (+Gold (Au))


…and many more. New techniques and vapour blends are being innovated all the time so in a few years, for example, we have just discovered ombre Aura Crystals with two-tone blended colours!



How do I care for my Aura Crystal?

Show it lots of love. It’s been through a lot in its life so show it the love it needs and it will repay you tenfold. The more you cherish it, the more love you will receive in return.

Your crystal may have survived the ice age and electrostatic heat treatment but that doesn’t mean it’s not fragile. Handle with care and place it somewhere it won’t easily get damaged when you are not actively using it.

Recharge your crystal by placing it in the moonlight, ideally at a new moon or refresh its energy in a freshwater stream.

To clean your Aura Crystal use warm water but do not use any harsh cleaning chemicals or scrubbing sponges. You can also use a soft dry cloth on points and towers or a soft make-up brush on geodes and clusters.

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