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Hi Everyone! Kids have finished their scholastic year and we are now adapting to the new routine which includes “time with mummy” hours and more entertainment time at local beaches, or staying home in the cool AC!

Well, we do all of the above and so it was really important for me to stock up on some pretty and durable swimwear and accessories for the long summer ahead. My daughter Luna is also quite a stylish kid already! At 6 she is already styling her outfits and even creating designs for her dolls using anything she finds in the house! So she is quite fussy about what she wears, even to the beach.

Luckily we found this website which offers not only lovely things to wear for both girls and boys for a variety of ages, but it also offers educational toys and a myriad of gift ideas.

The ONLINE SHOP is very user friendly, the company ships everywhere worldwide – and if you live in Malta they offer delivery too!




At the beach or the pool, get your foot in the water with one of these girl’s swimsuits! We can’t get enough of this bright coloured 2 piece costume from the latest summer collection! 

Luna chose this vibrant two piece costume, and also these pink leopard swimming floaties,  multi coloured goggles and these adorable sunglasses – all  for the little fashionista who already knows what she wants!!

We have been using them almost daily for the past week and I must say – the quality is excellent so we will be looking at ordering a few more pieces this month for July and August!!

Look forward to showing you what else we got in our next blog and on my Instagram Page @graziellecamilleri 







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Sending Love and Good Vibes to you all 


Grazielle – and in this case little Luna too 




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