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    Shout out to BALI SENSES

    Last week, I received a few products from the Bali Senses line. I never heard of it but now I know that it has recently landed in Malta. The name of these products already transported me mentally to a tropical place and the moment I saw the package and caught a sniff of the fragrance […]

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    LONG LASHES FOREVER – Eyelash Enhancing Serum

    Hi everyone! If you were not aware, I’m a huge fan of thick eye lashes, so I love trying out different things to create the look I enjoy including stick on lashes, individual lashes and treatments to thicken my own eye lashes. So it is only natural for me to be sharing with you my […]

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    Date Night Look – Fire & Spice

    Hi Everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted about a specific Look. Truth be told, there are so many more important things to deal with right now, that just posting about a look was feeling somewhat superficial and out of place. Today, I thought of kicking off that mentality and enjoying this pleasure of […]

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    Three Ways That Thermal Spas Can Benefit Your Wellbeing

    A Blog in Collaboration with 1926 Spa by Resence, 1926 Hotel & Spa, Sliema, Malta Thermal spa experiences have a long history, dating back to Ancient Roman times. The combination of therapies involving hot and cold treatments are renowned for relieving muscular aches and pains, detoxing skin, improving body metabolism and increasing circulation. They are […]

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    COMFORTING CLEANSING MILK & COMFORTING PERFECTING LOTION Hi there beartiful people! Welcome to my Lifestyle, Fashion & Travel Blog. As an influencial blogger in Malta, I’m very fortunate to be presented with various beauty products for reviewing. It keeps me updated with what’s available on the market, I get to keep my skincare in good […]

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    REVIEW: Altereah Emotive Cosmetics

    Available at L’Instant Precieux, Gozo French Wellness Salon Hello beautiful people. We’re still in COVID quarantine, a kind of semi lock down so any opportunity to take care of my skin and lift my spirits with products that make me feel good are a must. Just because, I am not going out to fancy places, […]

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    BALMAIN HAIR PRODUCTS delivered to your door!

    Hi everyone! Having a delivery to my home these days is the equivalent of an exciting shopping outing, so when I receive something I ordered online and I hear the doorbell, it’s like a sprint to the door, my heart pops with that surprise feeling and lots of extra happiness comes through. You know what […]

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    My Fave styles at CLOSET London

    One of the latest fashion brands at DEBENHAMS Malta Hi Everyone and welcome to my Fashion and Lifestyle Blog where every week, I share with you my fun outings, make up tips, travel adventures, motivational and health blogs and of course some of my favourite fashion looks! This month I wish to share a recent […]