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    3Ina Launches Art Freedom Collection

    Hi All! I don’t know if you have popped into your closest 3INA Makeup store lately. When you do, you will be happy to discover a new collection out now with a unique and artistic packaging and it is called Art Freedom. As its name implies, its a new collection of dramatic, empowering make-up that […]

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    New Teoxane RHA® hydrogel mask

    Every so often, when I find the time to sit down for a few minutes at home without working or playing “Mummy” I find it relaxing to do some grooming exercises including shaping my eyebrows, performing a nice scrub, and very rarely I get to apply a Face Mask. So when Teoxane kindly sent me […]

  • Clarins Malta Makeup Review

    Clarins Product Review

    Hi everyone! 3 weeks ago I received a pretty package from Clarins Malta – a selection of products to try out! I am a fan of this French luxury skincare and cosmetics brand so of course I was curious and more than happy to review these 5 products this Spring! Melita Health & Beauty currently […]

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    Laser Hair Removal at The Skin Studio Malta

    This week, on Women’s Day I shared a blog about my visit to my nail technician. It was focused around the importance of regular grooming and the necessity of keeping an overall clean-looking appearance. All this of course enhances your self-confidence, increases your feel good factor day in day out. Today allow me if I […]

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    Nailed it at Niumee

    What do I look at to see how well-groomed a person is? Personally I always look at someone’s hands and hair first, then clothes and shoes when I meet someone for the first time. There is nothing worse, in my opinion, than hands that are not taken care of and I’m not just saying this […]

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    Product Review: Milk Shake Integrity Incredible Oil

    Following my review about the 12 effects Incredible Milk which had some followers enquire about it, Milk Shake Malta and Cortex Ltd kindly sent me a product to review this month – Milk_shake Integrity Incredible Oil – which claims to be a protective and reparative oil for a damaged hair or hair with split ends. […]

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    Dark Holiday 3ina Collection 2016

    Planned your makeup look for party season yet? I’m so happy that 3ina has done the hard work for us already. Their new Dark Holiday limited edition collection of deep reds, dark purples and touches of glimmering gold provides ample inspiration for the festive season, but it has 3INA’s inimitable cool edge to go with […]

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    Energize your scalp with milk_shake

    Thinning and fragile hair needs constant attention and here is a reliable option that is on the market right now – 3 products by milk-shake designed to re-energise your scalp for better hair growth and strength. Every now and again give your hair a special month of great love and attention! milk_shake energizing blend shampoo […]

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    Tangle Teezer Christmas 2016 Edition

    Good things come in small packages. During the holiday season, it can be hard to remember that. We get swept up in finding lavish, over-the-top gifts to show people just how much we care. But most of the time, a small, heartfelt gift will have more meaning than some overpriced gadget. This limited Christmas edition […]