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  • When Life Gets Hard, Keep Moving Forward

    When Life Gets Hard, Keep Moving Forward, One Step, One Smile, One Challenge At a Time. ( Long Post Ahead ) Prepare your coffee cup! Most of us will experience hard choices, stressful events, and difficult situations that will impact us in one way or another for the rest of our lives. Hard times happen. […]

  • Honey, We Need To Talk

    How communication can make or break your relationship If you’re in a relationship and you sometimes have trouble communicating with your partner, this is the read for you! Everyone can suffer from a lack of good communication. That doesn’t instantly make you a bad fit for your partner. It just means you’re human and that […]

  • We Rise By Lifting Others

    A collaboration with Demaris – Life of Mum D Jewellery: Gemstones & Jewellery by GC Hair: Michelle at Hair & Beauty Tech, Attard Photos: Monique Casha Outfits: Gisele Couture Styling: Grazielle Camilleri Hello Beautiful People out there! Hello Summer! How are you all doing? I hope to find you in good spirits. So, very recently, […]

  • We are the heroes of our time

    Hello there!  It’s Spring time again – the season of new beginnings and preparation for Summer! I feel the energy shifts and they feel great!  Fresh buds bloom, animals awaken and the earth seems to come to life again. I see farmers and gardeners plant their seeds and temperatures slowly begin to rise. Photos from […]


    There is good news – symptoms of burnout and chronic stress can be improved with dietary and lifestyle interventions that are good for you regardless of your stress levels. I normally recommend a combination of these approaches. They work in tandem to decrease stress levels and support the proper functioning of the body’s stress response. […]

  • Touched by Angels

    Hi Everyone! Welcome to my blog and thank you for the opportunity of this heartfelt connection. I have been waiting for the opportune moment, for guidance, to share this message. I feel this is a perfect time! If you are reading this, may you feel the love and protection from your Guardian Angel, who is […]