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    Honey, We Need To Talk

    How communication can make or break your relationship If you’re in a relationship and you sometimes have trouble communicating with your partner, this is the read for you! Everyone can suffer from a lack of good communication. That doesn’t instantly make you a bad fit for your partner. It just means you’re human and that […]

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    We Rise By Lifting Others

    A collaboration with Demaris – Life of Mum D Jewellery: Gemstones & Jewellery by GC Hair: Michelle at Hair & Beauty Tech, Attard Photos: Monique Casha Outfits: Gisele Couture Styling: Grazielle Camilleri Hello Beautiful People out there! Hello Summer! How are you all doing? I hope to find you in good spirits. So, very recently, […]

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    We are the heroes of our time

    Hello there!  It’s Spring time again – the season of new beginnings and preparation for Summer! I feel the energy shifts and they feel great!  Fresh buds bloom, animals awaken and the earth seems to come to life again. I see farmers and gardeners plant their seeds and temperatures slowly begin to rise. Photos from […]

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    There is good news – symptoms of burnout and chronic stress can be improved with dietary and lifestyle interventions that are good for you regardless of your stress levels. I normally recommend a combination of these approaches. They work in tandem to decrease stress levels and support the proper functioning of the body’s stress response. […]

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    Touched by Angels

    Hi Everyone! Welcome to my blog and thank you for the opportunity of this heartfelt connection. I have been waiting for the opportune moment, for guidance, to share this message. I feel this is a perfect time! If you are reading this, may you feel the love and protection from your Guardian Angel, who is […]