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    Amazonite – Book Review & Interview with Author

    Hello everyone. Hope you are all holding up OK. I am getting accustomed to this new normal and am finding much more time to enjoy things I didn’t make time for previously. Reading books is one of these things. There is that special self love, “me time” that comes with taking that space to my […]

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    Quarantine Diaries part 2

    Hi everyone! Hope you are coping Ok during Covid. One thing that it is definitely proving is that everything around us is so temporary. Things our lives revolve around .. work, gym, shopping malls, movies, society have all gone for a toss as we are learning to live without them. It has taught us that […]

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    Quarantine Diaries

    How we are coping and being creative in the first two weeks Two weeks have passed since we stopped sending our daughter to school and taking the semi lock down seriously in Malta – and – I’m still adapting to this huge change, to this global Covid19 quarantine situation. We live in an apartment and […]

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    Proud To Be

    Together We Stand to Celebrate All the Colours of the Rainbow #ProudToBe #TogetherIsBetter #GayPride It’s officially Pride month so with the LGBTQ community in mind, I, Grazielle have teamed up with some of my gorgeous gay friends Daron, Clinton, Rosario and Tristan to create this feature to share with you because we feel that in […]

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    Connecting The Dots

    Every so often, we all find ourselves at a junction in our lives when we feel kind of stuck and unsure of where we are heading. We lack purpose or are feeling crushed by all the heavy things we need to do daily to survive, to pay our bills, to fix a lot of material […]

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    How to Own it

    I’m loving social media posts from people who are finally coming to the realisation that once you are really happy in your own skin and don’t really give a shit about what other people say, then you can really rock your own world one day at a time. Society’s description of “perfection” does not have […]