Connecting The Dots

Every so often, we all find ourselves at a junction in our lives when we feel kind of stuck and unsure of where we are heading. We lack purpose or are feeling crushed by all the heavy things we need to do daily to survive, to pay our bills, to fix a lot of material stuff. We may feel exploited by our workplace or our relationships, or we have that feeling in our gutt that we are not going in the right direction to maximise our finest potential. That leads to feelings of emptiness,  unhappiness, emptiness or unfulfillment.

Perhaps we are in a suffocating relationship which we seem to be entangled in, it is making us helpless and powerless. We are sometimes feeling uncomfortable where we are and yet we Fear to make a Change for fear of failure, ridicule or we just feel so afraid!



This junction, this feeling has happened to me, and millions of souls on this planet at several points in our lives. I can think of about 15 specific points.  I felt that what I was doing didn’t make sense or I felt I needed greater challenges or I needed help because I was lost and I did not ask for help but I just tried to solve it all alone. In most cases, it was not out of choice that I came to realise that I have to be strong  take time  to find myself again!

It was because I was either bedridden from a terrible accident, it was when a close family member passed away, it was when all my love relationships were not working for me one after the other and when I was so sad that I did not wish to face any more disappointments that I had even contemplated doing something horrible to myself.

It was when my self-esteem and joy were at their lowest point in my life that I felt I had option but to force myself to Remember What It Is That I Am Here To Do? Why am I Alive!? It almost feels as if the Universe has created these paths for me to stop and think, to fight them, to grind my teeth, to grow up and keep evolving. 





Dress: Zara Spain
Jacket: GUESS Spain
Bag: GUESS Spain
Shoes: GUESS Spain
Sunnies: Rayban @ Vision Opticians
Photography: Christoffer Staar, Tenerife

Yes my friends, you see me all happy and joyful now and high on life, ever so grateful for everything, but I will tell you with all honesty and no frills – I have experienced the lowest lows like some of you out there, together with some of the most beautiful moments in my life like you have experienced.

I mean ..the miracle of giving birth to a child and performing in beautiful theatres are a couple of moments that come to mind in one second …and what is important, I see Now is What I Have Learnt From All These Points…These DotsThey are what made the person I am Today and that is how it is meant to be.

To The Remember the Dots, I had to stop looking to the future, hoping and dreaming for my answers and instead, just Took Time with Myself, to be still, to more present, to peel away all my layers, all the layers of protection I placed myself, forgave myself for my mistakes and believe me there were many – and one day I Just Let A lot of it go ! I pinpointed all my insecurities and my vulnerabilities– and accepted them and loved them  I Loved Myself enough to Set Myself Free. 

As I began to look deeper and relax feeling at peace in my heart I began to see a series of “Dots” that define who I AM, and how I am naturally wired up. What these dot-connecting opportunities have revealed is a range of life time possibilities that have been quietly developing for years, decades even. I just had not bothered to notice them, or allowed myself to step far enough back from the demands of my daily life to fully appreciate their power. That is how for instance my blog came about, during a 3 week vacation, because I dedicated the Time to connect the dots from some of the hobbies I had and some skills I learnt throughout my life span and came up with this opportunity that would fit my current family and work lifestyle when baby Luna was born in 2014.

Why am I mentioning this point in my blog today ? Well, currently I am at another stage in my life  and looking around at the world as it is today, and I wish to explore new things using my current skills and learning new ones to create some new goals for myself. Every number of years, if I don’t do that, I feel I’m not being the best version of myself I can be.

I feel that I wish to do something to help, not only help myself to develop new skills and new enjoyable things to do, but I feel I have the energy and the determination to help others on my journey – children, women and men all over the world are somewhere struggling with something and some of these situations need some attention. Of course there are so many people out there doing just that and I would like to thank you all and also sign up. I actually signed up a while ago when I realised that in this world, we are created to love and to help eacbother in our unique ways. We are all unique and we all contribute to the larger picture whether we know it or not.


I would like to thank every person who I either spoke to or have observed closely in the past few years, because I now realise that some of the defects or beauties I see in you are quite frankly reflections of some things I see in myself, so I send you love and wish you all well, which means I wish well to myself and I now accept love, forgiveness and abundance!



“My mission in life is to be the best person I can be and to to assist people who are seeking for my guidance, to be the best version of themselves. Whether it is through my business, my blog articles and videos,  be it through my stories of being a parent, or through my life coaching messages or JOY dancing on Instagram stories  which are straight from my heart, I wish to inspire people to see and feel how beautiful life is, to believe in themselves and to find more courage  to find their freedom. I would like through my words and actions to be a living example of possibility, an example of a normal human being who despite my 40 plus age will never give up being proud to be a woman in a planet where the male ego still rules, I will keep living life in positivity and love and I will keep pursuing my dreams especially when I am told that they are not possible. Because we were all born superheros. We just have to believe it! “





You might ask me, “How do I connect my own dots”?

Here’s an exercise you can do to find them. When you feel you wish to try this life changing exercise, these are some of the questions I found useful on my journey

• What have been the most significant experiences of your life?

• Why are you feeling unfulfilled or angry or lost?

• What are your natural skills, talents and what are you most fascinated with?

• What instincts have you followed in the past, and which have paid off for you?

• What memorable life experiences have you had, and what have you learnt from them?

• What personal relationships, professional connections and social networks are you a part of now, and which do you most enjoy?

• Who is the woman who inspires you most and why?

• Who is the man who inspires you most and why?

• Who is the couple who inspires you the most and why?

• In which environments do you feel most alive, energised or at ease?

• What personal knowledge can your draw on from your family and your cultural background? Ask questions to your parents about your childhood and look up some photos to bring back old memories of how you felt as a child.

• What is it in your current life that is bringing you the most satisfaction?

• What is “fun” for you, even if it feels like “work” to others?

• How are your relationships at the moment? Why are you going for this type of relationship instead of spending more time on your own to find yourself?

What am I going to do with all this gathered knowledge?

Write them all down and connect the dots to help you in your next direction.

The picture that forms when you start drawing lines between your own life dots will soon become a beginning for something in the horizon that is so promising that you will want to try it out and live it for real, beginning right now!

This exercise is a self-healing thought process to get you going in your journey of raising your Consciousness to Higher Levels to allow you to work through them more and more frequently. The more you practise analysing yourself, and what happens for you daily, the more you are able to deal with anything that comes your way, to work to your favour. Empower yourself today. You might have to deal with some old shit but hey you need to bring out the bad patterns and habits, be aware of them to be able to heal them and let them go, and keep moving forward in Love not Fear.




Much love to you all!

Dress: Zara Spain
Jacket: GUESS Spain
Bag: GUESS Spain
Shoes: GUESS Spain
Sunnies: Rayban @ Vision Opticians

Photography: Christoffer Staar, Tenerife

I hope you enjoyed my deep thoughts today. For more lifestyle blogs, or messages from my heart to you please visit regularly in the new section entitled Life Coaching.

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Send you all my love and good vibes!





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