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    Give The Leather Look A Try

    Hey guys! It’s been a while since I posted a Look on the Blog! This one was fun! Of all the up-and-coming modes represented this season, a particular one stuck with us most. In the countries where people are still venturing out or working very stylishly from home, the leather and faux leather spottings on […]

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    Sometimes everyday life is a workout!

    Collaboration with Leggings Malta Your outfits give you confidence wherever you are, why not confidence at the gym? Making more progress, advancing in your goals, keeping the schedule, all that, and more, by boosting your confidence with the right outfits for the right moments. As seen on my Instagram stories, I practice some form of […]

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    A collaboration with MONINK TATTOOS, Blog by Grazielle and Gemstones & Jewellery by GC for the campaign Together is Better Hi Everyone! I thought of sharing something TOTALLY DIFFERENT this week. I teamed up with Monique Debattista, a bad ass tattoo artist and business woman to create an informative and fun Blog Post to share […]

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    Athenaeum Spa at Corinthia Palace revamped and looking ever so lavish

    The Athenaeum Spa is back with a splash. The 5-star property has been refurbished and in part rebuilt, to designs by Goddard Littlefair of the UK, who were involved in the Corinthia landmark hotel in London. Athenaeum takes the local character, historic traditions, and unique architecture famed by this five-star property and distils them into […]

  • graz_122893691_670101057034598_5533878041868533595_n has been launched this month!

    Malteve is a social technology project, which launches a unique Application that brings together companies, businesses, organizations and artists to show people current events and upcoming events in their vicinity. Who is a potential partner? Potential customers or partners are restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars, sports bars, night clubs, clubs, karaoke, billiards, tea houses, theaters, cinemas […]

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    How to overcome shyness

    Hi everyone. What a wonderful experience we are living! Life – as a human being – WOW! Isn’t it amazing how we can create the life we choose by the choices we make and by the actions we go for? So, following the awesome feedback received from my previous life coaching blogs “ Confidence is […]

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    Shout out to BALI SENSES

    Last week, I received a few products from the Bali Senses line. I never heard of it but now I know that it has recently landed in Malta. The name of these products already transported me mentally to a tropical place and the moment I saw the package and caught a sniff of the fragrance […]