Niche Fragrances for Men we love at Scentoniq Malta

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I hope you are all enjoying the summer months! This is the season of sunshine, warmth and holidays. Summer lifts our mood and creates fond memories with those around us. Just as you wear lighter and softer clothes in summer, the perfumes we wear are also softer, fresh, and cheerful, sometimes with a surprising twist. In this blog, I will share about three summer fragrances for 2023, compiled by our experts at the SCENTONIQ boutiques in Malta.

As the Brand Ambassador, I m honoured to take you on a discovery tour of these sensual scents, advise when they can be worn and tell you what unique fragrance experiences to expect! These are suggested fragrances for this month. Every month we will recommend others from the extensive portfolio available at The Strand in Sliema or at Level O of The Point Shopping Mall in Sliema.


“L’Humaniste”, or a tribute to the greatest writer of this Renaissance movement: François Rabelais. A cognac house since 1210, Frapin plays on the special link between two prestigious French crafts, constantly creating a dialogue between them and multiplying the echoes between them. In reference to the oracle of the Dive Bouteille, the abundance of gin, mixed with citrus and spicy notes, gives rise to sensuality and emotion. The surprising association of citrus fruits with black pepper, cardamom, nutmeg and tonka translates this fervent desire to see the world differently, to discover it and to open up to other cultures.

Green notes such as juniper and thyme mingle with bergamot and peony in delicacy, making the fragrance as invigorating and clear as the curious and open mind of Renaissance scholars, inspired by ancient culture. To learn in order to be free, this is what this fragrance invokes: a new breath of life, with faith in a Man who never stops evolving in contact with the world that precedes and surrounds him. I love it so much!



This is the perfect gentlemen’s cologne created in 1888 for the traditional Italian barber’s shops. With their handsome hardwood floors and leather chairs, the shops, combining traditional men’s grooming with political and literary conversations, were the perfect environment for the gentlemen who wished to look slick and sharp, ready for all special occasions.

MEFISTO GENTILUOMO is a perfect blend of precious Italian citrus oils, Mediterranean lavender flowers and orris extracts, crafted with precious sandal and cedar woods. Soothing perfumed oils and shaving creams enrich the MEFISTO GENTILUOMO grooming experience. This is one of the most popular fragrances from this brand and Scentoniq customers love it too!



Breathing new life into the fougère family of fragrances, The Merchant Of Venice’s Venetian Blue Intense eau de parfum replicates the feeling of sailing the high seas while spotlighting the depth of the Venetian man. Inspired by ancient maritime trade routes, the complex aroma is defined by a smoky base of birch and black pepper that leads to citrusy lemon before bursting into juicy apple and pineapple.

This charismatic marine fragrance is based on a modern fougère structure, offering a new type of addiction. On a mossy and smoky base, carried by patchouli and birch, fresh and burning spices meet energy of citruses. Lemon and bergamot now melt to spontaneous apple and pineapple, a juicy and colored duo. This is a must-try this season!


From invigorating citrusy notes to mesmerizing coastal and floral accords, and the irresistible allure of fruity and tropical delights, these summer trends capture the essence of the season and offer you a diverse range of olfactory experiences.

I hope you enjoyed my blog and invite you to visit one of the SCENTONIQ exclusive boutiques in Malta and look out for my Videos on Instagram with some updates about niche fragrances every week!




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