We’ve never lived in a more polarizing time. While it seems that there are a lot of things to fight against, fighting against something is the plot of the story that got us here in the first place. The most powerful movements are fights for something more beautiful.

Instead of fighting against censorship, fight FOR free speech.

Instead of fighting against tyranny, fight FOR freedom.

Instead of fighting against any “-ism” fight FOR equality and Love.Because fighting FOR something allows you to be expressed in the state you are wishing to create.

Fighting against something requires you are in a state of conflict, which just creates more conflict.

It may seem to be a subtle shift— it is anything but.

The same actions taken in the a different energy, are different actions entirely.

I treasure my Freedom to Choose The Life I wish to Lead and I will not allow anyone to decide how I live my life. I treasure the opportunity of Self Expression, of being part of a Community of Empowered Women. We Lift Eachother because we Care About eachother. We are not Greedy but we are Enjoying Eachother’s Successes.

Queens Lift Eachother. They Do Not Put Eachother Down To Feel More Powerful.

Love is the Answer to Everything. And Good Communication.

Fashions Fade – Style is Eternal
#Photoshoot with Visuals of Kyle
Eyewear by Roltz Eyewear
Outfits by Gisele Abela at Gisèle Couture
Hair Anthea Gatt

Thanks Kyle, Luisa,, Gisele, Anthea for the team work to put it together for the love of fashion collaborations and friendships we hold dear. May we always empower each other and find that time to follow the inspiration to do what keeps us alive and on fire!

Sending Love to All of you out there!


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