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    Mexican Fiesta Food Night

    Always a great idea to collaborate with Old El Paso Last week, we had a really good time at home with our family, preparing some dishes using Old El Paso products . Giving it our personal touch and creating a cute atmosphere with Mexican music, it was a Mexican night we really enjoyed in its simplicity. […]

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    Gozo island is always a good idea

    Last week we hopped on to the ferry boat from Malta to spend a few days of simple bliss on the island of Gozo. After many months of confinement and strict Covid measures, this was to be our first little family getaway this Summer. And what a treat to the mind, body and soul! We […]

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    BE-KIND BARS Now in Malta!

    Review of snack bars now available in all the leading supermarkets. As an active person, a mum to a little big snacker and wife to a hubby who is constantly snacking on various options, we’re always on the look out for our next healthy snack or awesome training fuel. We were really excited to try […]

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    Bocelli Wines For Christmas

    It’s the holidays! Once again, the year is careening to a close with alarming conclusiveness and potential for collateral damage. Family dinners and corporate gatherings loom large on the horizon. Now more than ever the art of being able to instantly redirect a bizarre or political conversation is more than a necessity—it’s a survival skill. […]

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    A Blog in collaboration with MKB Importers Ltd Hello Everyone! I am super excited to share some information about BOCELLI wines with you. Over the course of human history, wine has received its fair share of praise, almost even worship. It’s arguably the most beloved beverage in the world. A question to wine lovers … […]

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    Mexican Night – A Simple Crowd Pleaser

    A promotional blog in collaboration with Old El Paso Hello everyone and welcome to my Blog! For those of you who know me well, are very aware of my lack of cooking skills and techniques and I’m not one who knows how to make complicated dishes for the family. When I make something, it is […]

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    The New GRAIN restaurant in Valletta -Delightful!

    This week saw me and my husband Marco head out to GRAIN Restaurant in Valletta filled with anticipation. I have been curious to try out this new eatery since it opened its doors a couple of months ago in Malta and I also have seen saw a few enticing photos shared on social media which […]

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    Twistees launches the collectable tin for the 50th anniversary

    Hi everyone! Here’s a quick update about the crunchy snacks we love, Malta’s pride and joy – Twistees. Following the Strand Fest event, which was a huge event held across two days, Twistees have launched the collectable tins which sold out in less than 2 weeks said Mr. Steve Calleja (Director) and Zoe Calleja, (Operations […]