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    Proud to be Twistees Brand Ambassador

    One of Malta’s most loved brands, turns 50! At some point, we’ve all reached for a bag of golden cheesy Twistees and licked our fingers happily after enjoying the crunchy goodies inside. These delicious, cheesy bites are the perfect snack, capturing the hearts and taste buds of many Maltese and curious tasters worldwide. JLo is […]

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    Some Organic Finds I recommend

    It’s been a few months since I started my organic journey last October and wanted to give you a little  Organic Update. Since being introduced to organic options by Sara at Just Organic Malta, I’ve learnt so much about the benefits of the organic lifestyle. As you may know, I’m always open to trying new things […]

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    DYLN – The Water Bottle that Creates Alkaline On The Go

    Hi there! Hope you are all feeling fabulous. What am I sharing with you today? A solution to your water problems. Remember a couple of weeks ago, I discovered this shop Just Organic Malta in Naxxar, that sells Organic Lifestyle food and solutions. Well this week, the spotlight goes on this fabulous water bottle that […]

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    Learning About Organic

    A few weeks ago,  Sara a friend I have not met in years,  contacted me to meet her about something exciting she had to show me –  and I of course couldn’t wait to catch up with her. The last time we met was way before I got married and had baby Luna. Back in […]

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    Pizza Time at Da Marina Pizzeria

    With World Cup fever on, as I listen to the song on the radio Show Your Colours by Jason Derulo featuring Ira Losco, I can’t help but think “Look how far we’ve come” when it comes to musical talent in Malta. For Ira to team up with such an international talent to create Coca-Cola’s official […]

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    The Thirsty Barber – Designer Cocktails in Malta

    A great cocktail is more than the sum of its parts – ¬ it requires structure, integrity, and a lot of experimentation. It is that alchemy, that extra out of the box experimentation that I love about spirits and cocktails! They bring people together, inspire conversation, and create instinctual memories amongst friends. THE THIRSTY BARBER […]