Mexican Night – A Simple Crowd Pleaser

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Hello everyone and welcome to my Blog!

For those of you who know me well, are very aware of my lack of cooking skills and techniques and I’m not one who knows how to make complicated dishes for the family. When I make something, it is usually very quick and simple.

Always a crowd-pleaser, Mexican Night is one easy, unfussy, casual way I recommend to have people over for dinner! It is pretty easy to put it all together and by preparing the ingredients and adding some colorful decorations in a room reminiscent of Mexico, you are bound to have a lovely evening. We love to eat together as a family most evenings after work as it is the time in which we regroup, catch up, maybe joke around and sometimes dance too!





As some of you may recall, my husband and I were in Mexico on vacation earlier this year. I had shared a blog “Things To Do in Mexico” and one of the things we fell in love with was the tasty simple Mexican cuisine, the tortillas and the tacos were our daily treat. So when we returned to Malta we kept the memories alive by first of all trying out some simple tacos and tortilla recipes by following some online recipes and we started organizing some Mexican nights every so often. Our daughter Luna enjoys these theme nights and she also likes to help out in the kitchen by chopping the vegetables and helping me set up the dining table with colorful cloths and napkins.

One pleasant afternoon earlier this month, we were pleasantly surprised to receive a package from Francis Busuttil & Sons (Marketing) Ltd – a large box containing a mix of Old El Paso Mexican products including Stand ‘N Stuff Soft Tortillas (like small boats), Tortilla Wraps, jars of Thick ‘N Chunky Salsa, Seasoning Mix for Tortillas and some additional ingredients like corn from their wide portfolio. The company happened to be following my social media posts and contacted me to try out their products; How lovely is that! So I took the opportunity to invite a few of our family members over for a relaxed, fun evening dinner with these Mexican items and a mix of items to share. My husband cooked a couple of recipes including chicken and minced meat, while I was in charge of the table set up and the musical atmosphere. I really enjoyed preparing and planning for the dinner almost as much as I enjoyed eating it and spending time with family, and I was reminded that it’s always worth it to invest in the community and invite people home. A simple Mexican night is so much fun!

Planning and executing a menu to feed a crowd can be overwhelming, but trust me if we managed this one, you all will manage. The Old El Paso products are very user-friendly in that they come in bright yellow packaging with simple instructions and you can add your own flavor to the recommended recipes you find on the packets. Alternatively, you can Google online for Mexican Recipe Ideas. We served two options – one with chicken and minced meat for the guests to have a choice and we had plates with fresh sliced avocados and fresh tomatoes on the side.
















We loved the selection especially the new Stand ‘N Stuff soft tortillas as they are super easy to fill and not messy at all. I must say Thank you to Old El Paso because we had a great family meal and we also had lots of food leftover, which we ate the following day.

Cheers to Mexican Nights and plenty of family moments!

Much love to all



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