Raw Gemstones by enquiry

We stock a small selection of raw gemstones including black tourmaline, celestite, amethyst clusters and points, citrine points, tiger’s eye, angel aqua aura, calcite, rose quartz and many more. E mail us with your queries and we can tell you what we have available. E mail us at or message us on instagram @graziellecamilleri

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About Crystals?

Crystals can fill your life with magic, their uniquely radiant and sparkling brand of magic. Born from ancient rumblings of our beautiful Earth. Seeded by stardust at the dawn of time, crystals and minerals are tools that are fantastically easy to add into your daily life. You don’t need special knowledge or training to begin experiencing the power of crystals. All you need to get started is a sense of wonder and open-minded curiosity towards intricate, gorgeous and powerful creations that are minerals and crystals.

I ‘ve been introduced to them a year ago and I have been actively using them and studying them wholeheartedly and they have helped me immensely and I use them as part of my daily routine in my healthy habits including fitness and meditation to align my energies to be able to perform at my best potential. My mission is to spread as many crystals and good vibes across the globe as possible to raise the world’s vibration to one of love and joy.

P.S:This shop is merely a tiny window of the stock and models we have available and as you know no gemstone is the same so if there are gemstones or pendants you wish to enquire about, please contact me Grazielle on or via Instagram @graziellecamilleri where I Post daily crystals available in my stories!

Love and light