Proud to be Twistees Brand Ambassador

One of Malta’s most loved brands, turns 50! At some point, we’ve all reached for a bag of golden cheesy Twistees and licked our fingers happily after enjoying the crunchy goodies inside. These delicious, cheesy bites are the perfect snack, capturing the hearts and taste buds of many Maltese and curious tasters worldwide.

JLo is indeed my number one idol but I must admit, Twistees does take first place in the Maltese culinary hall of fame. I couldn’t be more excited to announce that, I am the new brand ambassador of Twistees! Together we will be celebrating their golden birthday, 50 years of cheesy goodness throughout 2019!




First produced in 1975, Twistees have become an iconic part of Maltese culture for its unique cheesy taste. Twistees was one of the first snacks on the island to be baked and has no artificial ingredients or colourings. Twistees are produced locally in Malta by Darrell Lee Foods at a factory in Marsa, originally established by Twistees genius Ray Calleja.

Twistees are a rice based snack manufactured by a baking process. The most popular form of the snack are the original Cheesy Twistees, with Smokey Barbecue Twistees, Twistees Lite and Chicken Twistees being added to the range over the years. Cheesy Twistees, are a classic gluten free favourite, packed in an airtight bag to retain the cheesy, crunchy goodness inside.

Us proud Maltese are all familiar with the original cheesy Twistees but who knew that others, beyond the Mediterranean were also indulging in one of our local favourites? Currently, they are being widely exported to Libya, the Middle East and Germany!









As a proud Malteser, I couldn’t be more ecstatic to be collaborating with a brand that represents my home, my favourite little island, Malta. With glass in hand, I’d like to make a toast to Twistees! A brand I have loved since childhood and a brand that has given many Maltese countless cheesy smiles and a reason to share their snacks.

Join me on my celebratory adventures with Twistees and stay tuned for upcoming events and giveaways starting from now till Christmas 2019.

Cheers to Twistees!




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