BE-KIND BARS Now in Malta!

Review of snack bars now available in all the leading supermarkets.

As an active person, a mum to a little big snacker and wife to a hubby who is constantly snacking on various options, we’re always on the look out for our next healthy snack or awesome training fuel. We were really excited to try these nut snack bars and test them out during our quarantine. Here’s our family verdict!

So, first of all the packaging is attractive with different vibrant colours making it easy to select the different flavours and it made me happy to see that they are healthy alternatives with words like gluten-free, dairy-free, high in fibers, no artificial preservatives, colours and flavours in the ingredients section … so all the goodness!!



We received 6 types! Each 40g bar contains between194 to 212 calories so it’s definitely a guilt-free snack if you are just on-the-go or at your desk working, but it contains a high amount of protein and fiber so it is excellent for athletic performance. It contains between 4.8 and 13 g of sugar which is perfect for refuelling after a draining workout and it is completely plant-based and unrefined so you know there are no nasty surprises.

The sweet yet salty taste is deliciously moreish and these versatile bars are perfect for all number of occasions, from a quick breakfast to afternoon snacking to popping in kids’ lunch boxes when they get back to school that is!

I have to say that the caramel almond & sea salt BE-KIND bar was my favourite out of the six flavors I was sent to try and I absolutely loved it! The generous chunks of sea salt dotted amongst the nuts add a delicious, tangy bite while the caramel gives a luxurious, decadent texture. As with the dark chocolate bar, also divine this healthy snack bar contains only 5.4 g of sugar, making it the perfect afternoon snack or fuel for adventure. Marco my husband loved the dark chocolate bar the most, while little Luna liked the almond one the best! We crushed them all in 2 days!



What I really love also is the name and the branding that comes with this product. BE-KIND! In this world, being compassionate and kind is the new cool and I loved the video that I shared above.

Be-kind, give it a try

I have truly fallen in love with these BE-KIND bars and they will definitely be my go-to snacks for all number of occasions, from fuelling adventure and stashing away for long runs and bike rides to snacking on at my desk for a guilt-free mid-afternoon snack.

BE-KIND snacks are available in all leading supermarkets in Malta and Gozo.

Much love to all


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