Mexican Fiesta Food Night

Always a great idea to collaborate with Old El Paso

Last week, we had a really good time at home with our family, preparing some dishes using Old El Paso products . Giving it our personal touch and creating a cute atmosphere with Mexican music, it was a Mexican night we really enjoyed in its simplicity.

One of the main factors making Mexican food so irresistible, is that it is a blend of different cultures. Its distinct blend of spices, seasonings and vibrant colours create a beautiful presentation. Many of the traditional Mexican dishes still represent their deep, pre-hispanic origins, making them truly unique. We visited Mexico three years ago and so when we eat Mexican food, it automatically brings back some amazing memories from the trip.

We all contributed in preparing the Mexican feast, either by chopping the ingredients or by laying the table. Luna, our daughter loves it when we involve her in the preparation. The Old El Paso products make it really easy to prepare and this time, we also received a Free Recipe Book for some inspiration and more ideas. This book is available with a number of products.




Authentic Mexican food is actually a health food. Full of fresh vegetables and spices, there are many antioxidants in it. The traditional mixture of rice and beans makes for the perfect combination of carbs and protein. Mexican food is low fat and full of vitamins and minerals It’s a balance of all the food groups: seeds, beans meat, dairy, grains, and vegetables.

I’m pretty sure you didn’t know that UNESCO only recognizes 3 cuisines in the world on its intangible heritage lists, and Mexico is one of the three, with the other two being Mediterranean and French. It is a cuisine that is recognized all over the world as delicious!

Mexican food is popular all over the world for its bold flavors. Tacos can be found on almost every continent of the world, and many Americans consider Mexican food to be a comfort food. The tradition of Mexican cooking is rich with culture and heritage, and it is an art that’s preserved in many families. Learn more about the history of Mexican food in this article, as well as some fun facts. See what makes Mexican food some of the tastiest and most interesting cuisine on the planet.




My favourites are the Tacos from the Taco kits. My Husband loves the fajitas while Luna loves the tortilla chips dipped in the mild salsa.

My husband and I cooked some grilled chicken and minced meat and we had a selection of vegetables on the table for everyone to prepare their own favourite taco or tortilla. Sweetcorn, avocado, tomatoes, cooked onions, beans and various cheeses.

It was absolutely delicious and we can’t wait to organise another evening with all the items we did not use this time round.












Old El Paso products are found in all major supermarkets in Malta and Gozo and are distributed by Francis Busuttil Ltd

Hope you enjoyed this little foodie feature as much as we enjoyed the dinner and the memories created that night.

Much Love


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