Spotlight on Natasa Trandafil and her magical hands

Last week, my daughter and I went out to meet Natasa Trandafil at Carolina’s Petit Cafe in Qawra to catch up over an afternoon tea. We absolutely love this pretty place themed with soft pink and blue furnishings, that serves marvellous teas, coffees, cakes and snacks. Little did I know that she had sneakily prepared a beautiful surprise for Luna! She presented us with a a beautiful painting of a glamourous winged princess!

Luna screamed with glee, because she absolutely loves art and this painting has all of her favourite colours! Pink, purple and blue and lots of yellow and like any child she loves presents!




Natasa Trandafil is a good friend of mine and I thought of lifting her by shedding a well deserved spotlight on her, for this gift she has! Many of you might know her as a fantastic make up artist and manager at MAC Cosmetics but her roots stem in the world of theatre and entertainment. Her magical hands do create awesome work!

She was born in Belgrade, Serbia on 18th July 1974. When she completed high school for make up she enjoyed working at the theatre for 10 years where she designed make up and scenery for over 25 plays. She moved to Malta to explore new career opportunities and she has been holding successful roles in both the hospitality and beauty industry.

In Malta, she started to paint as a hobby but because she likes to challenge herself, she has already organisedtwo exhibitions within a few years – One with group of artists and one solo. I have not seen the exhibitions because I had not known her then, but I was so excited to see a small selection of vibrant pieces she’s done. They are here in my blog post.

What do you think of this style?

I absolutely love it. It’s so vibrant, joyful and playful. It connects me to my inner child energies of mystery, magic and fantasy. Exploring the unknown without fear and worries of the world. I find them relaxing to look at and when placed in a room, they really lift the environment with their design and splash of colour.











I just wanted to say Thank You Natasa for this beautiful gift.

I wanted to make sure I show everyone just how wonderful and talented you are!



If anyone is interested in commissioning pieces, do not hesitate to contact Natasa Trandafil.

Much love


Photos by Branco Stoilov at Branco Visuals

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