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It’s the holidays! Once again, the year is careening to a close with alarming conclusiveness and potential for collateral damage. Family dinners and corporate gatherings loom large on the horizon. Now more than ever the art of being able to instantly redirect a bizarre or political conversation is more than a necessity—it’s a survival skill. But take solace. It’s all temporary. And with the right flavor of good wine, it’s manageable, right?


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A few weeks ago, I introduced you to BOCELLI wines on my blog. We also launched a Giveaway giving out 6 wine bottles. Winners were announced on Blog by Grazielle Facebook page on Monday 16th December.

Today I thought I d share some more information about these wonderful wines and this Christmas, when in doubt of what to gift to someone special, consider perhaps a delectable bottle of wine. While you are at it, have a look at BOCELLI wines I ve listed for you to make your life simpler.

The Bocelli wines range is extensive and caters for wine lovers of varied expertise and different age groups.  It will be an excellent addition to any establishment’s wine list.  The Bocelli brand is instantly recognisable and its name signifies prestige and quality.  Bocelli wines are available at 100+ restaurants across Malta and Gozo.   The prestige of Bocelli wines is such that they are also exclusively available on Air Malta flights and on MSC cruise ships.


GRAPE VARIETIES:100% Sangiovese
WINE TYPE:Old vine, very elegant red wine aged in French oak.
VINEYARD LOCATION:Lajatico, Tuscany.
TASTING NOTES:From the family estate of opera singer Andrea Bocelli comes this classic Sangiovese, a wine which has been made on his family’s vineyard for over130 years. Aged in French oak barriques, it has aromas of tart cherry, sweet black currant, and violets.
ANECDOTE:The wine is aptly named Terre di Sandro which translates to “Earth of Sandro” – Sandro being Alberto and Andrea’s father.



GRAPE VARIETIES: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon.
WINE TYPE: Bold, intense red wine aged in French oak.
VINEYARD LOCATION: Lajatico, Tuscany.
TASTING NOTES: In canto is a dense, powerful, lush Cabernet 
Sauvignon that confidently fills the senses. With just a few hundred cases made, every plant is fussed over, and every bottle counts. Alberto Bocelli, winemaker and brother to Andrea, makes this wine with a genuine passion for the French-origin varietal. 
In their soils of Lajatico, near Pisa, the ripening season is longer than many areas of Toscana, and their Cabernet expresses itself exceedingly well. A decadent wine with genuine character.
ANECDOTE: In Canto is named after Andrea’s 2008 studio album of classic, Italian radio songs.



40% Chardonnay, 60% Pinot Noir

This Brut Rosé is an enchanting lush sparkling wine, with an inviting essence of berries in the nose and on the palate. The initial impression is an elegant, dry style, with a ripeness that is pleasing and perfect for an aperitif.



Bocelli wines are available at 100+ restaurants across Malta and Gozo.  Every restaurant having Bocelli wines on its wine list will be marketed on the social media pages of MKB Importers and Bocelli wines.  The prestige of Bocelli wines is such that they are also exclusively available on Air Malta flights and on MSC cruise ships.

How To Contact BOCELLI Wines Importers

For enquiries contact
MKB Importers Ltd
22 Klementina Triq Has-Sajjied ,
B’Kara Malta

Visit their Facebook Page MKB IMPORTERS LTD and Instagram Page @mkbimportersltd

I really enjoyed sharing this second blog about BOCELLI WINES in Malta. Stay tuned for more!

Lots of love




5X8A7930Featuring Denis Aljush 



Friends are forever. What better way to celebrate friendship and special moments in our lifetime than with a special bottle of Bocelli. Cheers to many successes my friend! 5X8A7969







Seen here Andrea Bocelli and his brother in their vineyards in Tuscany. Should we visit ?! I hope to in 2020 😉

About the BOCELLI family wines

Long Before Andrea Bocelli was famous for music and sold millions of albums, the Bocelli family has been known for wine. For over 130 years, they have made classic wines on their farm in Tuscany.

When Andrea Bocelli and Alberto Bocelli were very young, they grew up on the farm and learned to raise animals, grow grains, ride horses, and most importantly, make wine. Despite having his sight-impaired from birth, and ultimately losing it as a young boy, Andrea threw himself into his family’s estate with a full passion. Alberto, his younger brother, and closest friend was his constant companion, and together, the two young men worked hard, played hard, and learned the ways of their farm. They helped fill their family table with farm-fresh food, classic Tuscan red wine, and yes, music. The whole family enjoys singing, laughing, and sharing meals; to be at the Bocelli family table is to celebrate life.

The Bocelli wine collection represents the very best of Italian wine heritage, featuring the small-yield production of a range of family produced wines, hand-made in the traditional way with an artisanal style, and with a unique boutique nature with each of the wines having its own unique story to tell. The wines are of the highest quality that empowers the very essence of the Bocelli wine brand.

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