We are the heroes of our time

Hello there!  It’s that time again – the season of new beginnings and preparation for festivities and the NEW YEAR approaching!


I feel the huge energy shifts and albeit they bring a great deal of shadows to the surface, to be dealt with and transmuted, the other side feels great!  Just like after fresh buds begin to bloom and  animals awaken in springtime after a long sleep, everything including the earth itself, seems to come to life again. Farmers and gardeners that have planted their seeds, patiently and with sacrifice, start to see a fruit of their labour.. as is our life!



Photos from a shoot we did a few years ago,  for the lovely blog titled Warriors of Love Speak Up featuring Aleksander and Ilija Gruyovski.

When for some unplanned reason, beyond your control, you lose someone special, someone who made a huge impact to your personal life and many more people around you, you cannot let their passionate and loving energy go to waste. My heart was broken a few years ago,  I just  couldn’t understand why Alex suddenly left us , why I could not go to his house and sit down on the cushions in his cosy room and talk for hours about life and about how many wonderful things we are going to do to make the world a better place.

Why did you leave us so soon? We were only getting started! Even though you were 4 times my size and I had to stand on a chair to hug you, I want to come and kick your ass for not telling me and all your extended family good bye and for leaving us so soon. We needed you to spread more guidance from the heart as you always did to everyone who ever came to you for help. I promised you that what I learnt from you will be with me forever.

“You are very strong sister” you would say dear Aleks. “All the answers you seek are already within you. Find time to be still and you will find all the clarity inside you. Live every day from your heart, life is beautiful. Heal your past accumulated issues by spending time with your family and in nature and you will see your path more clearly. Forgive and release old energies to make space for the new good energy. Spread your wings and fly sister because you have the power to heal yourself and set others free. I’m so proud of you and you are going to do great things. Yes. You just have to believe!”

I believed you and I kept doing what I feel natural to do – to dream, to laugh, to love, to grow, to follow my inner guidance and to inspire myself and anyone who wishes to be the best version of themselves they can be.

“Sometimes in our lives, we need just that one person to instill a tiny seed of light, a tiny seed of courage inside us with their words and their genuine love, and we start to feel things we never did before. We feel stronger. We feel safe.”

We start to question facts, we start to question our existence, our choices. We start to see the beauty in the world around us more and we have a better vision and a feeling of what is right and what is wrong for us. “A tree begins from a seed” Aleks told me last week as we were having tea and we were talking about passing on knowledge to each other and how one person, a child even can make a difference to the entire planet with his or her actions.” So I will keep doing what I have started with even more courage and determination. I give you my word!




Photos by my friend Christoffer Staar shot in the Canary Islands. Following our inspiration.

We are the heroes of our time

What do I mean by this? We all have grown up watching cartoons and movies of superheroes and villains. We are familiar with many of them – Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, The Joker. We all have watched the superhero movies growing up, and admired all the ones with special powers. Superheros are invincible and their job is to help humans win wars against dangerous villains. They fly, they become invisible, they run through walls and fly space shuttles. Some are solo and some work together as a team. In the cartoons, they fight evil and they give their lives to save humanity from destruction and tough moments.


The most interesting characteristic of a superhero or supervillain is their humanity though, their likeness to ourselves. Perhaps we like to imagine being that guy or girl who gets bitten by a radioactive spider or undergoes an experimental treatment to obtain superhuman powers. Perhaps that’s what superheroes are all about—seeing some potential in ourselves to be better?!

Life in this lifetime teaches us that these super heroes could possibly exist if we wish them to but how many of these have come down from the skies to save humanity and the planet from the things that are happening? The superheroes are often the hidden few gentle and courageous people who work assiduously and unshakably for a world built upon human rights, social and environmental justice, democracy, equality and peace, often at the cost of their own lives. In a hidden war for peace, their legacy lives on and it lives inside each one of us. Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Martin Luther King were superheroes of their time. In the modern times we see Bill Gates. Elon Musk …But my point is this ..Even YOU are a superhero. If you manage to touch a few lives every day with your actions then you are using your best powers. But Which super powers are you really using today to make a difference?




We are the superheroes of our time!


From the moment we are born, we are born to be beautiful souls, beautiful energies of love. We are all born special with superpowers at birth. These superpowers are the skills we must learn throughout our lifetime and we were created to use them and to enjoy our human experience on Earth and to help others too. What happens is that although we are brought up with love from our mothers and fathers who give us their hearts and teach us all they know, we face the world, we are sent to school, we are taught things by the book and we grow to face the reality of the now, the current society that until now has been designed to fill us with negative fears, and because we are struggling to survive, earning salaries to pay our bills, to buy food that should be free, to buy electricity that could be free for all, to keep up with what humanity and the systems have created, that we don’t get to use our superpowers because we lose ourselves.

What are our superpowers?

Everyone has different powers, some have one and some have 10 but most of them stem from one thing – Love, Peace and Compassion. We all have to remember how to use these superpowers. If we all start to take responsibility to love and respect ourselves first and foremost, love our neighbour, love our loved ones, our animals, and respect all humans as if they are our responsibility as superheroes, the world would change immediately to be better. The wars would stop, cures for illnesses will finally surface, hunger and starvation will stop to exist.

If we believe that every personal thought, action and word that comes from us can affect the universe entire, wouldn’t we start changing our bad thoughts, actions and words right now?



We are the Gladiators, the Avatars, the Wonder Women and Supermen of our time and the time is now not the future. Our super powers are found within us but first we Must Remember Who We Truly Are, not who we have been told we are, remember our DIVINE POWERS, heal all the past, re write history – and move forward with a NEW EARTH VISION TOGETHER!

I would like to see more humans doing beautiful things, I would like to see more good news on our TV and radio stations telling about how many companies are stepping in to help the people in other countries who have no food to feed their children, I would like to hear about how many people are coming together for good causes, how many people are becoming less greedy and unkind, how children are learning new skills in school which will help them become more happy and healthy human beings.

I Grazielle, begin today, not tomorrow, today.





“Don’t tell the gods I left a mess
I can’t undo what has been done
Let’s run for cover
What if I’m the only hero left
You better fire off your gun
Once and forever
He said go dry your eyes
And live your life like there is no tomorrow, son
And tell the others
To go sing it like a hummingbird
The greatest anthem ever heard:

We are the heroes of our time
But we’re dancing with the demons in our minds…
We are the heroes of our time”

Extract from the Eurovision Song Heroes by Mans Zelmerlow

Lots of love



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