Amber Stone Meaning and its powerful metaphysical properties

Hi everyone! I’ve been attracted to working with yellow crystals lately, with a focus on the manifestation of abundance and wealth, and I ve been working with amber by wearing it as jewelry and setting intentions with it. I’m loving the energy amber brings to the lower chakras and some pretty amazing things have been happening and I thought I’d share a blog about its properties and its benefits used in daily life.



What is Amber?

Amber is not technically a crystal, but it has been used as a gemstone since ancient times. Amber is commonly known as an organic gem.
Amber is a hardened resin from prehistoric trees. The ancient trees were like today’s pines and spruce trees. The different types of prehistoric trees created over 200 different types of Amber.

You may confuse tree sap with tree resin. Amber comes from tree resin. There are some debates in the scientific community as to what the purpose of the resin was. It either oozed out of the trees to seal its own punctures and wounds or it was a way for the trees to excrete any unwanted minerals from within.

Either way, the resin captured any living creatures, fur, feathers, leaves, and materials along its downward journey. Like a sticky stream of very slow-moving Lava, the ancient tree resin hardened over millions of years to form what we now collect as Amber.




The most obvious quality of amber is its old, (very old!) energy. With it comes the accumulated wisdom of the earth and its natural kingdom. You can often see little insects trapped in the amber while it started as a tree resin; this gives the amber stone quite powerful magical properties.

The most popular amber stones come in warm colors—a variety of yellow, orange, and sunny brown tones. This is why the amber was considered to be the stone of the sun.

As with any popular gemstone that has a long history of use in various cultures, amber has accumulated its share of mystical properties. Amber was considered the “soul of the tiger” in Asian cultures and regarded as the stone of courage. Pieces of amber were carried for protection during long travels, as well as used to treat jaundice.

It is also believed that amber:
Balances emotions
Attracts good luck
Eliminates fears
Relieves a headache
Clears the mind
Dissolves negative energy
Helps develop patience and wisdom


Amber is considered the birthstone of the astrological sign of Cancer as it sure reflects the energy of the warmest and sunniest month of the year (in the Northern hemisphere, of course!).

If you feel attracted to the warm and wise energy of amber, explore the variety of amber jewelry and see if it makes a difference to your energy. As always, it is best to buy the highest quality you can afford and be sure to choose the natural, untreated amber versus synthetic amber.

Some of the best ways to benefit from the energy of amber are to wear it as jewelry or to have it as a small carving in your home decor.

Metaphysical Energy of Amber

• Amber connects us with nature and history. It is great for grounding your energies to physical reality, while helping you remember that the long story of mankind and Earth have brought you to where you are today.

• Amber helps you to see the humor in life and not take yourselves too seriously. Give it as a gift when you want to lighten the mood in your relationships.

• Use Amber in crystal grids, meditation or as jewelry to strengthen your memory.

• Focus on a piece of Amber to help in times of decision making.

• Drink Amber as a gem elixir to strengthen the immune system.

• The glowing warmth of Amber is said to hold the energies of the sun. Use the stone to open and balance the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras.


Amber through History

Amber is prized for being able to give us a glimpse into millions of years into the past. It’s known as a time traveler stone, physically presenting us with creatures and landscapes that existed beyond a time which we can fathom today.

• The oldest Amber found was from 320 million years ago.

• Baltic Amber is about 50 million years old and is collected when it washes up on the shores of Northern European countries or is dug up from the earth.

• Dominican Republic Amber is about 20 million years old. It is mined from mud stones and known for its tropical inclusions.



• In the Stone Age they used natural rocks to make hunting weapons, but they also carved Amber. Amber could not serve as anything physically protective because of its softness, but it is believed that the hunters would carve out animals they wanted to conquer. This carving would capture the animal’s spirit and make them easier to hunt.

• Like Obsidian, Amber findings help archaeologists discover ancient trade routes. Amber is often found with lignite coal (also known as Jet crystal), which is the fossilized remains of trees and plants.

• The Roman empire brought about a big uplift in the Amber trade. They wore and collected the stone for prestige.

• The Scandinavian alcohol, Aquavit, was and can still be distilled with Amber flavors because of the stone’s ties with traditional folk medicine.

• Catherine the Great’s Russian Palace featured a magnificent Amber Room, the 8th wonder of the world, which is totally lined with cut Amber. It was destroyed in World War II and restored from 1982-2003.

• Amber burns very slowly so it has been used as candles in the old days and cigar pipe tips. It is still used in some churches as incense. Copal will burn much quicker and is a popular form of incense around the world.

Magical Incantation of Amber

This is a message from Amber from Doreen Virtue and Judith Lukomski’s book “Crystal Therapy”:

“I’m one of the oldest known adornmentts, for human eyes are attracted to the luminosity of my color and cool texture. I’ve often been used in trade as people moved around the globe, providing a source of income along with soothing energy to those who journey with me. As fossilized resin, I mix the remnants of sweetness from the plant kingdom with captured artifacts of nature that reflect the blending of the plant, animal and mineral realms. I’m a tool for earthly manifestation and a reminder to honor environmental needs. Best used in jewelry, I act as a balancing agent for yin and yang energies.”




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