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    Proud To Be

    Together We Stand to Celebrate All the Colours of the Rainbow #ProudToBe #TogetherIsBetter #GayPride It’s officially Pride month so with the LGBTQ community in mind, I, Grazielle have teamed up with some of my gorgeous gay friends Daron, Clinton, Rosario and Tristan to create this feature to share with you because we feel that in […]

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    Connecting The Dots

    Every so often, we all find ourselves at a junction in our lives when we feel kind of stuck and unsure of where we are heading. We lack purpose or are feeling crushed by all the heavy things we need to do daily to survive, to pay our bills, to fix a lot of material […]

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    How to Own it

    I’m loving social media posts from people who are finally coming to the realisation that once you are really happy in your own skin and don’t really give a shit about what other people say, then you can really rock your own world one day at a time. Society’s description of “perfection” does not have […]

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    Own Yourself

    “Everything happens for a reason If you stay blind to the cause you’ll never learn and grow Go on, go where you think is the right way What you don’t have for yourself you won’t have for nobody So listen, got to know what is love What inside reflects the light from above How can […]

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    Art of Couples Communication Workshop

    The workshop by Veronica Vazeri This week my husband and I attended a workshop called the “Art of Couples Communication” held by Veronica Vazeri at “The Lodge” in Cospicua, Malta. I don’t know how you feel, but I am a kind of person that loves to work on their relationship as much as they work […]

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    How to overcome shyness

    Hi everyone. What a wonderful experience we are living! Life – as a human being – WOW! Isn’t it amazing how we can create the life we choose by the choices we make and by the actions we go for? So, following the awesome feedback received from my previous life coaching blogs “ Confidence is […]