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I hope this blog finds you in good spirits. The world is going through huge Planetary Consciousness shifts right now and it’s crucial we keep as centred and calm as possible. We’re all being challenged in so many ways. This year is the year Everybody will remember in history of mankind as that year when this Corona Virus made us stop and re evaluate Everything in our lives and Let Go or Change what does not work or resonate with us any more.


I personally have been hit hard by the changes and I am experiencing huge shifts in my life. However, I choose to see them as the best ones ever, as they are for my best development and spiritual growth. Crystals have really helped me to connect more with nature, to keep me calm during the storms and I recommend them as wellness tools, if you have not tried them yet.  I m passionate about Crystals.  I use them and in these past 4 years built a crystals and jewellery business where my knowledge and experience with them has heightened to another level.  I do feel it is time for me, to share more of my knowledge with others, through Crystals Workshops. People are ready to learn this ancient wisdom that has been passed on through millenia.  Should you be interested to learn about Crystals visit our Gemstones & Jewellery Facebook page for the next Workshops in December – 1) Crystals Workshop for Beginners on December 12th, 2020 & 2) Crystal Grids and How to Use Them To Manifest on December 19th 2020.


What is This Planetary Consciousness Shift All About?

Individually, this shift has been already (and slowly) taking place since 1960 However, the speed of this energy shift has become much faster, especially since the critical mass in 2012 This energy shift is massively influenced by the planetary consciousness and our collective consciousness.

So, what is going on with this shift in energy? Great question. Basically, Earth is trying to push out its accumulated negativity to elevate to a higher dimension, shifting from the current 3.5th dimension to 4th dimension through vibrational level.

To go a higher vibrational dimension, we first need to clear out our negative energies that keep our vibration low.
This is exactly the same for the planets as well.

Those negative energies that the Earth accumulated (mostly from us) have to be expressed first in order for it to be cleared and healed.

Many of the planet-scale distressing or disastrous events that we see in the news are manifestations, resulted from Earth trying to clear its negative energies.

It is important, now more than ever that we focus on our own healing and manifestation power, in order to successfully get through these challenging but beautiful times. Focus on Yourself and dont be overwhelmed by what is going on around you. 


SUCCESS – What type of Success Are You After?

You will always get a reflection in life of who you are being. Success depends on the little things that you do each day rather than a few big decisions as everything that you do regularly, builds momentum over time and becomes part of who you are.

Its important to take on habits of success as eventually, your habits become part of your self-image. If you want to have better health or have a successful business, you have to see it as part of your identity as we always stay consistent with who we think we are.

The first step to creating good habits is to be aware of where you want to be and where you are now in relation to that. Maybe there are habits that you have that are keeping you stuck where you are, such as watching too much TV, limiting beliefs about yourself or eating too much junk food. Your environment could also be holding you back, especially if it is cluttered or if you are around people who will reinforce your old behaviors.

Instead of forcing yourself to change bad habits, its easier to visualize a clear image of the way that you want to be and see yourself as that person eg see yourself as someone that eats healthily and make that part of your self-image and you will automatically stop eating junk food for example.



What are the little things that you could do every day that could get you where you want to be?

You could make a list of habits that you want to take up, they don’t have to be big things, you could just start with something small that will generally improve your life, such as listening to music in the morning that will put you in a good mood for the rest of the day, meditating before you go to sleep or taking exercise before work every morning.

Once you have made your list its better to focus on one thing at a time so that you don’t get overwhelmed and feel as though you have failed if you can’t stick to them all. Once you have managed to stick to 1 habit, you will start to see yourself as someone who has willpower and it will be easier to build on that.

If there’s a side job that you want to make your full time job, this should be your priority, even if its just for a short time each day as this will put you in the vibration of it and it will start to become part of who you are. Even if you think you don’t have the motivation or inspiration to do anything just try and do something even something small such as writing 1 word and then you might find that the rest starts to flow naturally. Consistency (it takes 21 days to form a new habit) and focusing on the long term is important as if you just stop and start things you wont build up enough momentum. It won’t become part of who you are and you won’t see much change.


Here are 6 crystals for your flow into success in various areas of your life,

They can be carried in your pocket, worn as jewelry, used in meditation, or made in to a Crystal Grid to amplify the energies and make your intentions even more powerful.

  1. TOPAZ

    Topaz is a stone of abundance and allows you to tap in to hidden abilities to achieve goals. A useful stone for manifesting, topaz can allow you to get clear about your intentions and increase the effect of affirmations and visualisations.



Green aventurine is a stone of luck and can open you up to new opportunities and possibilities. If you run in to any challenges or difficult situations, green aventurine can help you to turn it around in to something more positive. It can also give you the patience and determination needed to complete your goal.



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Citrine is perfect for manifesting wealth, success and abundance. If you are unsure of which direction to take, citrine can help you to find the right path for yourself. It also has a powerful positive energy and can give you the optimism and self confidence that you need to achieve your goals.




If you are having problems with concentration or staying focused, tigers eye can clear your mind, allow you to think logically and help you to set a clear intention. Its grounding, energising properties can motivate you to take action towards your goals and allow manifestations to take form.

Tiger Eye


Rhodonite can help you to make plans and realise the best way of getting where you want to be. Its nurturing, supportive energy can attract the right people and situations into your life and help you to realise your full potential.



Vanadinite balances the mind with the 3 lower chakras providing extra energy and motivation to complete tasks and achieve goals. It also helps with organisation, seeing plans clearly and turning dreams in to reality. If you have been overworking or trying to do too much, vanadinite can help you to recover and give you extra endurance.



Last but definitely not least, the Pyrite is a crystal that use works to foster the energy of wealth and abundance. First, its energy is connected to the solar plexus chakra, which provides you with the motivation and will power you need in order to move forward in your career or investment decisions. It also removes any fears or doubts you may have that are blocking you from achieving success, which are a result of an out-of-balance third chakra. It will provide you with the energy you need in order to complete projects and tasks.

As you know it is my most favourite crystal. I wear my pyrite almost every day to help me get things done and to protect my auric field from external negativity from others or from Collective Consciousness.

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A Tip for you for Success in Wealth

Stones like working together.

They do not like being alone. Surround your raw pyrite crystal with eight wealth crystals of your choice. Eight holds the energy of money, so having eight other stones will only amplify your prosperity intention.

I hope you enjoyed this Crystals Blog today!

Keep exploring Crystals and their powers. The more you practice, like everything in life, you get better at using them and sharing the knowledge with others.

Much love to all

Love and Light


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