Touched by Angels

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my blog and thank you for the opportunity of this heartfelt connection. I have been waiting for the opportune moment, for guidance, to share this message. I feel this is a perfect time! If you are reading this, may you feel the love and protection from your Guardian Angel, who is always with you, right beside you, no matter what you are going through in your life and I invite you to relax for a few minutes to enjoy the read…

What an amazing and comfort-filled promise – that God sends His angels to encourage, protect and guide us on our life journey! As God’s messengers and our helpers, angels serve and honor Him through their praise and obedience as they carry out His will here on earth. As believers, we can count on the presence and power of angels – every step of the journey.




Photos: Branko Stoikov Make Up: Natasa Trandafil

Do you believe in angels?

I do. I believe that angels are real and are at work in our ordinary, everyday lives. I have personally sensed the presence of angels in my own life and have talked with many believers who share the same experience and belief. I’m sure you have heard of certain miraculous occurrences where people have witnessed people appear to assist some people, perhaps during a car accident, only to realize afterward that no one else saw them and they were in fact angels sent to save their lives.

They certainly have figured prominently throughout humanity’s religious history.

In Judaism, the archangels Michael and Gabriel play significant roles in the Torah. The Mormon Church began under the direction of the angel Moroni, who showed young Joseph Smith in 1827 where the golden plates were buried in the mountains of New York State. In Christianity, the Archangel Gabriel visits the Virgin Mary and predicts the birth of Jesus Christ. Later, in the Qur’an, that same Archangel Gabriel commanded Muhammad to read.

Although illiterate and frightened, he did, changing the history of the planet even today. The serpent in the Garden of Eden who tempted Adam and Eve took on the guise of a disgraced Archangel known more commonly for ages as Lucifer.




The Bible is replete with appearances of angels:

Then I saw another angel flying in midair, and he had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on the earth—to every nation, tribe, language and people. – Revelation 14:6.

Forget not to show love unto strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. – Hebrews 13:2.

We humans can act as “angels” with or without knowing it. When someone does something nice for us, in our best interests rather than their own, they become like an angel.

This harks back to the very essence of “good” and “evil;” concepts as old as people and their relationships with each other. In the ancient religions, angels represented goodness, kindness and altruism; while creatures like Satan represented selfishness, mean-spiritedness and evil.

In modern times there is Lorna Byrne is an Irish author and peace ambassador, known for her bestselling memoir, Angels in My Hair, Love from Heaven, sees angels every day. She says that when she was a child angels spoke to her. At that time, she didn’t take notice that it was not normal. It is with time that she understood, this was a gift.




Her first book, Angels in My Hair is a memoir of her early and married life. In her second book, Stairways to Heaven, she writes about her first book and details of how angels work in the world.

This video documentary touched me and I wished to share it. It is a kind of interview with Lorna. She doesn’t know why God chose her to spread his message. But nevertheless, she accepted the task and I’m sharing it with you too, today because this is the message I received – to spread this Message of Love and Hope about Angels.

Many empaths and spiritual guides are also able to work with angels and are able to act as a bridge for those who cannot physically see them. These guides, assisted by angels are also able to guide people on their paths in assisting humanity in this phase of change and transformation.

One of the main reasons I wished to share this blog message is to encourage everyone to be more open-hearted to the idea that the angels, together with other beings we do not all see with our physical eyes, but can be seen with the third eye or Shiva’s eye, are always present.

They are watching and listening to all we think, say and do. They love us unconditionally. They are available for communication at any moment and it is their wish that we call on them more for help. To all those who feel lost, who feel like they are all alone in this world and that everything is falling apart, I invite you to occasionally take some time on your own in your own comfortable space and call on your Guardian Angel, imagine this beautiful being behind you wrapping its wings around you. The Angel knows that human life can be extremely challenging and that is why it is here, to watch over your Light. You are precious to God. You are a spark from his Creation and God has an angel with you from the moment you enter Earth until your last breath.

Humans, we do not need to disconnect from what we do not see with our eyes, but be more open to the limitless possibilities of other dimensions, including the Angelic Realm. Both science and real-life stories have proven that truths have been untold for thousands of years, to keep us in fear, but today I say, Open Your Heart and Mind because if you are still in Fear, then it is Time to Change that – Empower Yourself and Shine That Light from within.








Together, the more lights we shine, the better a place our world is becoming.

Real Life Angels We Meet Every Day

On another note, there are people we meet every day, who we sometimes call angels. They are people who dedicate their lives to help others. Doctors and nurses come to mind. Fire fighters and people who even risk their lives to help others in need. Do you know some of these people?

Sometimes you too can be an angel to someone in real life if you act from the heart and give a message to someone who really is at a rock bottom phase in their life and one message can lift them from their darkest abyss. You too can be an angel if you come up with a solution to a problem that had been lurking in someone’s life for years! You can be an angel by making someone smile on a cloudy day. You don’t need a pair of wings on your back to step in and do a little random act of kindness.

It is true – is it not?

So let me conclude here by sending so much love to all the angels out there the ones we see as well as the ones we do not.
Let’s be grateful for this beautiful existence and let’s prepare in 2021 for many things we never knew to be true, to come to the surface with peace and acceptance, for this is the will of God and its angels.

Let’s pray

Lord, I have to admit that I seldom think about angels. But I want to thank You for their presence and work in my life. I praise You for the comfort, encouragement, protection and guidance they bring. I may not be able to see angels, but by faith, I celebrate the truth that angels really do touch my life.

Thank you

FIRE. Messenger of Love

Photography: Branko Stoikov
Make Up: Natasa Trandafil




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