Your Greatest Asset or Enemy is Yourself

Your inhibitions are your creations, sort of like bad habits that can be broken. At some point, you turned your inhibitions into beliefs and you have given them power. You have the power and free will to change or lose your inhibitions.

What does it mean? When someone encourages you to Release Your Inhibitions: Releasing your inhibitions means letting go of the things that hold you back from saying and doing what you would naturally do if you weren’t thinking about the repercussions of it.

It means you come to the understanding and acknowledge that you are observing that in life we always have choices to make. But how many times do we acknowledge all the options and then take conscious decisions towards the path that inhibits our flow and our growth the least?

Then we create the energy of lack or of the “not good enough” kind and from that inhibition we keep small, dream small, act small and allow ourselves to be ruled over or abused perhaps.

In this blog, I invite you to evaluate certain choices you are currently making and observe from a higher perspective, from a distant view of yourself if you will, how you feel about your choices and remember you always have the power and the choice to create you own reality.




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Here are a few ways to release your inhibitions:


When the temptation to slack off on your plans or you start procrastinating, come up with a solid disciplinay plan, that can make all of the difference. Set up a plan and allow no excuses to hinder your efforts. Silence the voices with music or videos or whatever it takes to inspire you.

Surround yourself with peers that have high standards

We tend to gravitate to the standards of those that we call peers. Choose wisely who you hang out with, they will either draw you up to their level or pull you down. They may not even deliberately try to pull you do but pull you down they will if they are not the type to has similar interests or goals as you.



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Do something outside of your comfort zone

Sometimes being in places that you are uncomfortable in can heighten your inhibitions. Forcing yourself to do something outside of your comfort zone can allow you to practice being in spaces where you are forced to be yourself without being able to predict the reactions of those around you. You are learning to be confident in all environments. Doing things outside your comfort zone increases feelings of freedom, making it easier to lower your inhibitions when you need and want.

You will have that voice inside your head that tells you “ why should that be important?” or “ What woul anyone enjoy what you are doing when there are so many others doing it?” and you will find a hundred excuses to stop what you are doing. You have to shut that voice and let go – follow what you heart says instead! “ I love this feeling. “ “ I feel so empowered doing it, even if no one is watching! “

Fall in love with YOU- Can you honestly say you love yourself, wholeheartedly?

Do you reflect on who you are, what you love, in what ways you want to grow? The closer you are to yourself, the lower your inhibitions will be. Knowing yourself best increases self- confidence which will increase your ability to be confident in situations that may cause your inhibitions to rise. No one can make you feel small because you know that what they say or think does not matter in the whole scheme of your success! You can never please everyone, so might as well Love yourself and Do What You Love!

Be aware

This is important. This is crucial. Living consciously. If you don’t realize your inhibitions are holding you back or even that they exist, how can you stop them. It is important that you notice this pattern of behaviour. Yes?

One way is keeping track of your inhibitions and emotions that come witth them. One good thing to do would be to track them in a diary. Reflect on the inhibition and take the steps necessary to conquer it. From there you are acknowledging the optons and then make the conscious decisions to fall forward or back in your attaining your goals.

This enemy that is yourself can be defeated and the self that you want to be can be strengthened. Identify that enemy within and then think strategically about what you will do to succeed.




Hope this blog helped you somewhat today and if you enjoyed it, please share it with someone you think will benefit from your share and advice.

What goes around comes around. When we care, the Universe cares back.

Send you good vibes and exciting greetings today, and always!

Messenger of Love

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