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Hi Everyone! Happy New Year! May 2021 bring many new teachings and joyful moments to you all, despite the challenges and the unknown events ahead.

I’m so pleased to kick off the year with this look I wore to one of my recent dinner dates with friends. As I mentioned in my previous blog “The Cotton Dress is Back”, these types of dresses are so stylish, comfortable and easy to wear for many occasions, from day to the night.

How do you like the way I styled this one?




I styled this Marie Zelie dress by pairing it with a pale pink classic bag from Beauty Closets, and a gold pyrite crystal earrings set from my online shop at Gemstones & Jewellery by GC.

The hair also makes a big difference to the overall look. Christine Cortis at Stylistics created a soft style for me and I loved the result. I like changing my look sometimes. Having the hair always loose is repetitive and I feel I like a change every so often. Shoes are classics by Michael Kors.






I m very privileged to be collaborating with the brand Marie Zelie from Poland to show you a few looks and offer you my discount code to benefit from when making purchases online.

Their website: https://en.mariezelie.com and Instagram @mariezeliebrand #Mariezeliebrand

Marie Zelie is a polish based fashion brand, focusing solely on timeless, elegant dresses that can be worn season after season. They create feminine but still comfortable clothing – classic cuts with a modern twist.

My Discount Code  is GRAZIELLE20 Upon Check out for a 20 % Discount 






They use natural fabrics, value ethical fashion, with focus on high quality that will last for years. Their inspiration is a Catholic saint – Maria Zelia Martin, a woman who founded her own lace factory. They base their activities on the classic triad: beauty, goodness, and truth. Their goal is to popularize the celebration of everyday life, also through a neat appearance. In fact their motto is “femininity wrapped in quality” At Marie Zélie they claim to “make every effort to offer their clients as much as possible”.

All their pieces are made in Poland, so purchasing from them ensures you receive a quality product that supports European manufacturing. I can feel from the fabric of this dress that it really is made to last well, with a sturdier standard evident in the material than the kind of cheap thin stretch fabrics you find offered on the high street. This fabric is lovely and soft, with tons of stretch for comfort and ease of movement, and elegance in its drape.

Together, the combo looks classy and chic and I loved wearing them so much!

I hope you enjoyed this fashion inspiration post.

Sending you good vibes wherever you are – and remember – if you are going through a rough patch, it can only get better! Hang on in there and if need be ask for help.




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