Hair and Beauty

  • Soft peeling at Marion Camilleri using Academie

    One week before Fashion Week I started a DERMACOSMETIC facial treatment course at Academie Wellness and Facial Lounge managed by Marion Camilleri consisting of 6 soft peeling sessions (which can be used during the cold winter months as well as the hot summer months) obviously using the home recommended treatment protocol. I wanted to ensure […]

  • Pedicure Bliss

    I am so lazy when it comes to my personal toe care it’s unbelievable. I find it so difficult to book myself a pedicure for that hour when I have my nails done for example. Without knowing it, time flies and I can go three months without one. In fact, it has been 3 months […]

  • RICH Haircare Products– Product Review

    i there! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a product review. I get so busy with everything happening that I don’t make the time for this so much. When I do, I really enjoy it! So, let’s talk about hair products today and my experience trying these RICH products courtesy of Brown’s Pharmacy. I […]

  • Treat Yourself To Laser Hair Removal at BROWN’S

    Oooh! Summer is around the corner and I can’t wait to start visiting the beach or just chilling by the pool after work. Lately, I have been thinking about finding a permanent solution for removing unwanted hairs. I’ ve kind of had enough of shaving and waxing. I waste so much precious time! Undoubtedly, laser […]

  • All smiles with laser teeth whitening at Brown’s

    Hello lovely people around the world! Hope you are in good spirits today and that you are enjoying your life, doing a few things that make you happy and that make you feel fulfilled. Life is not only about drowning ourselves in work and meaningless chores. We have to ensure that we find time to […]


    There are so many wonderful beauty products that come in on a monthly basis, but only so few opportunities to share these with you. And with my Instagram page being mostly fashion, travel and event focused, and Instagram Stories passing by so quick, I felt I should be sharing this Phyris line that I’ve tried […]

  • This is HER! By Zadig & Voltaire

    New seasons bring with them new emotions, new challenges, new clothes in the wardrobe and quite often we tend to spoil ourselves with a new fragrance too. A really important role in the way we present ourselves besides the clothing and make up are the fragrances we use. Some of you asked me what perfumes to […]

  • A blissful facial at Marion Mizzi Wellbeing

    Day in day out, I am one who tries to make time for everything under the sun, especially to what’s important and dear to me but I must admit I rarely make time for facials. I am used to my own skincare routines every morning and evening using different products throughout the year, and leading […]

  • SUN & MORE Milk Shake Products: Review

    It’s already June! Waaa! Election Day in Malta has come and gone and I’m now in my element in this season. Why? I love summer. I enjoy trips to the beach, summer clothes, lying by the pool soaking up the Mediterranean sun and living in the present moment. I love the smell of the sea […]