Jessica Do Nascimento 30 K Triple Diamond TS Life Boss in Malta in less than 3 months

Every month I get the privilege to meet an inspiring person in Malta to share on my blog. This week, Ladies and gents, meet Jessica Do Nascimento from Malta, a driven entrepreneur, a loving mum of two beautiful girls, a fun-loving person with a golden charisma. No wonder she is building one of the strongest teams in Europe for TS Life here in Malta – and is seeking to recruit many more in her team in Malta and internationally.

We met at Hotel Juliani for a coffee and a chat. She was on an international conference call with the TS Life CEO for the first twenty minutes! Apparently, her CEO had set a Zoom call meeting with Top Leaders the night prior to our meeting, clashing with our time but she still turned up like a boss – and explained that she would soon be done from the call. We even caught a snap of the call on her mobile! Here’s proof!

Photos: Marin Babanov




Here are some of the beauty products by TS Life


When I sat down with Jessica, we spoke about the current situation worldwide with Covid19 having hit most businesses in a negative way, businesses struggling to make ends meet. She explained that she owns a small hotel on the island, but it is currently not operating and when only a few months ago, she was offered the golden opportunity by Brianna Elsley from the UK to start a business with these network marketing products, she took a leap and tried it out!

She saw it as an opportunity to make a new business and gain some confidence from the results. With her hard work and with the help of her successful ever-growing team of TS Life entrepreneurs, she is one of the fastest-growing teams in Europe!

She showed me the range of products which are shown here in the photos while I showed her some of my crystal jewellery from my Online Shop – which she fell in love with. These are the  top-selling Nutrition, Beauty & Well-being products by this brand and she also explained in detail some of the incredible results that are being achieved by people using them regularly. She got me all intrigued.. Should I join her team next year? .. That is what was going through my mind apart from being blown away by her achievements over such a short span of a few months!


I learned that-Life is a company that launched in September 2018 – so only 2 years!! The company operates in the personal care, nutritional supplement and weight loss niches. On its website, TS-Life claims to operate in 8 global markets across Europe and America and that includes Malta, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, USA and they will soon be launching in Australia in January 2021.

Heading up TS-Life are co-owners Caius Hale (CEO) and Jade Coyle (Corporate Response Manager).

Graz_IMG_7884TS  Life Skincare Products – Gemstones & Jewellery by GC 






Supanova, Jessica explained, “is our best seller – a unique liquid blend of herbs and 100 % Natural Ingredients. It is a Liquid Fat Burner packed with vitamins and nutrients. It includes ingredients such as cassis, green tea, Guarana, ginseng and dandelion, all of which aid weight loss, boost energy, increases metabolism, and reduce water retention and bloating.

We enjoyed a dose together. Tastes like a blackcurrant drink!



In this blog, , I looked closely at the beauty range which are packaged in this beautiful white and gold packaging. In the next blog I will cover the Weight Loss Products which are very popular worldwide.

TS-Life’s personal care range includes:

•Glo – rare powerful plant extracts infused and amplified with their trademark *CBD,
•Ultim+ – hydrate, restores and protect your skin with *CBD infused moisturizing cream
•Vital Eyes – *CBD enriched gentle eye contour serum
•Illumen – removes dead skin cells and revitalizes your skin
•Crystal – *CBD enriched anti-blemish purifying cleansing gel

*CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a chemical compound found in hemp plants, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory and healer. TS Life CBD Infused skincare is for all skin types, it’s anti ageing, anti inflammatory, anti blemish, and hydrating. It is proven to reduce acne, eczema, psoriasis, including infant eczema.



TS-Life’s personal care range is available as individual items or in an Ultimate Skin Transformation box with all the products in it.

TS-Life claims their products are manufactured by the finest European product formulators”.

Sourcing of ingredients and high level, often rare, botanicals, is done ethically and carefully. Each one undergoes safety assessments before inclusion.

Animal lovers will be happy to hear that they are free from Animal Testing, GMO, Phthalates, PEG’s, as well as many other known nasty constituents.

I will share information about the Dietary Range in my next blog next week .. what I wish to share is this – Recruitment Opportunities …because I too am interested in this…


So,  Jessica also spoke to me briefly about is that TS-Life has a compensation plan that combines retail and recruitment commissions.

Residual commissions are paid out via a binary team, with a matching bonus on downline earnings.

So basically you earn commissions by selling products and by recruiting other persons and in this way the teams expand and everyone benefits with more cash in hand at the end of each month. The trick is to be active and to keep growing your network. The payments look attractive and I’m not surprised that so many local men and women are doing so well especially with the Weight Loss range!







Graz_IMG_8038Enjoying a sip of SUPANOVA , with a view of Spinola Bay, Malta




I left this interview feeling inspired and feeling like I made a new friend – one with positive energy, a woman wishing to lift other women and reap its rewards in more ways than one. Women like Jessica, who bear the rough patches like true warriors, reinventing themselves during challenging times, to support their needs and those of their immediate families are to be respected.

I thank Jess for this opportunity to meet and gain some knowledge to share online and I look forward to share part 2 pf this meet up – with more information about the Weight Loss products  and a surprise collaboration Wellness Gift Box we will be offering for Online Purchases very soon!

Much love to all this December! Let your light shine no matter what!




To  Contact Jessica Click Here >> All Natural – Jessica Beauty & Wellness 

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