Obsessed With the Colour Pink

The older I get, the better I know myself. This may seem obvious, but as a 45-year-old career woman, married to a beautiful man, raising a child, looking forward into the rest of my life, I find myself steeped in self discovery. Not the kind of “what do I want to do with my life” self-discovery, but rather the “what kind of person am I” type.

Gretchen Rubin often says that knowing yourself better is one of the keys to a happier life. After years of following her work, I’m slowly beginning to see what she means.

Knowing yourself better makes you feel more connected to your personality, your thoughts, your behaviours, yourself. When being honest with yourself, it’s important not to cast judgement. Simply recognize some aspect of yourself without judging it. This took me ages to grasp.



Over this period of self reflection, I’ve noticed one pattern that I keep coming back to:

I can never do anything only a little bit.

It doesn’t really matter what it is. If I decide I like something, I go all in, full force, with a surging intensity that, at times, can be difficult to manage. There are so many recurring examples in my life including the love for cars and motorsports, exercise regimes, fashion, dance, horse riding, blogging and now crystals.

Once I like something, I take it to the extreme.

Why? Because when Im fully immersed doing or creating something out of love or passion, it gives me so much joy and raises my vibes. Running and dancing, have through the years, revealed a level of physical and mental strength I didn’t know I had. They put me in a better mood, every single time. They are an opportunity for me to channel some of my intensity.




The Colour Pink – My Latest Obsession

I am a woman of favorites. Ask me “what’s your favorite _____” and I’ll most definitely have an answer for you. I am a vibrant person, who tends to associate colors to feelings; Seeing colours and wearing colours fills me with gratitude and joy and I love all vibrant colors we can see.

However, this year 2020, Pink has become hands down, no questions asked, absolutely my favorite colour. I cannot put my finger on why I do love it so much but I do – It keeps me calm and in the heart.

I love color, in general. Yes, my books are organized by colour, not alphabetically. But pink reached a new status in my life many years ago. As soon as I decided it was my favorite color, I embraced it as part of my identity. I now wear some degree of pink every week in some shape or form – be it clothes, accessories or simply sit in a cafe with pink walls around me!

Why? It’s simple — the colour pink makes me happy and calm. It’s so beautiful and easy to look at. I love all the shades of pink. I can’t imagine myself ever getting bored of the colour pink.

Beyond that, the color pink makes me feel feminine, and comfortable in my body.




This Pink Look

In this blog I took the liberty of photographing an outfit I wear a lot during the week days, sometimes swapping flat pumps instead of heels on days when I have lots of errands and I need to collect Luna from school.

It’s comfy and cosy and I feel great in it. I would like to introduce you to a brand that is selling bags online from Malta. The name is www.closetbeauties.com It is run by a friend called Ann Marie Cutajar and I thought it would a great idea to collaborate to show you some of her items in my Blog styled with clothes I enjoy wearing. She imports a wide array of bag styles in a wide range of colours and sizes to suit every taste – and the prices are very affordable.

In this blog Im sharing 3 bags from her latest collection. I love them all. Which one of the three do you think is actually my personal one? ( I ll tell you on Instagram @graziellecamilleri ) and which one is your style if you had to choose?

The jewellery you see is all from my current Jewellery and Gemstones Online Shop Collection, available on order Here or via the Facebook page Gemstones & Jewellery by GC.

Hair was styled in a soft upstyle by my friend and hair stylist Christine Cortis at Stylistics Salon. Together, we collaborated to creat e some content to share throughout December 2020.

I hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoyed preparing it!

never stagnant, always growing

So going back to how I started this article about Pink Obsessions, I’m only now in this period of deep self honesty and reflection, some 4 years after getting into a more spiritual and holistic approach to every day living, really realizing how important this motto is to my lifestyle.






These words define my approach to the world. Keep pushing, keep growing, keep moving forward.

If I only know one thing about myself it’s this:

progress and self-growth are key to my happiness.

It is only by embracing these can we lead a fulfilling life.

Much love to all of you



Cardigan – Gisele Couture
T Shirt – Tara Clothing
Jeans – Vintage
Shoes – Michael Kors
Bags – Closetbeauties.com

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