REVIEW: Altereah Emotive Cosmetics

Available at L’Instant Precieux, Gozo French Wellness Salon

Hello beautiful people. We’re still in COVID quarantine, a kind of semi lock down so any opportunity to take care of my skin and lift my spirits with products that make me feel good are a must. Just because, I am not going out to fancy places, doesn’t mean I will stop grooming myself in the best way I know how to and use lovely products to embellish my skin. This month, I received a few products to Review and I am really excited to share my experience with you!



In a unique approach, Altereah products are designed and marketing in a fresh, vibrant way to take care of your overall beauty and to guide your life towards its positive aspects following the colours you are most drawn to. They are solely available at a French wellness salon in Victoria, Gozo run by a very approachable and charismatic French lady called Sophie.

Altereah products are certified natural, organic and respectful of Humans and the Environment thanks to several labels and guarantees of qualit: Ecocert, One Voice, Slow Cosmetics and Sud de France.

For example:

The happiness colours in the range are
Green: Freshness – Eucalyptus
Red: Vitality – Cloves
Indigo – Clarity – Geranium
Gold – Confidence – Litsea Cubeba
Blue – Peace – Peppermint

The range includes face and body ranges, perfumes, make up remover oils, cleansing foams, face sprays, face serums moisturisers and many more! It is always advisable to enquire with Sophie, the owner of the franchise in Gozo which ones are the most suited for your needs and skincare types.

I have received 3 items in my package and after trying them out for a few weeks this is what I have to say about how I felt about them and how I used them in this particular order:

1) ALTEREAH – PURETE – Make Up Remover Oil – white

I found that this remover, used with make up remover pads removes all types of make up, even the toughest waterproof mascara! When washed out, it leaves a healthy looking clear skin.



This scrub is sooo nice! First of all it feels so organic and made with really genuine products and the smell of orange is extremely strong and refreshing. The granules of this scrub are large and melt as you use it. It is for face and body so I used it on my face three times in one week and my body for 3 times too. The results are almost instant in that they exfoliate the skin so nicely leaving it refreshed. Not only that, but the pure essential oil ingredients also penetrate the skin and give your overall energy field that feel-good feeling, activating positivity within you.

It literally is an energy booster. One of its advantages is that it prepares the skin for tanning and prolongs the tanning process, which is something I love being a sun tanning lover. It revitalizes the skin, remineralizes and deeply cleanses the pores.

My verdict is …I love it!!



This unique perfume has physical, energetic and emotional benefits. With active ingredients including wheat alcohol and essential oils, it again has this gift of providing that emotional freedom giving you that sense of well-being. The way I used it is I sprayed 3 times into the palm of my hands, rubbed my hands until they became dry . Then I inhaled the perfume.

I had never heard about these products before and I will definitely have them on my radar from now on. I do try out products that don’t impress me and don’t even get a mention on the blog. These are not that type of product.


If you are a person who enjoys excellent quality products that make you glow better and feel good inside too, well maybe you should try these out. Sophie at L’Instant Precieux is always available for assistance and guidance, and in the current Covid19 situation, items can be posted to you within a few days.

Guide your life towards positive aspects and fill it with people and habits and products that make you not only look good externally but make you feel good!

Thank you for reading my blog today. Hope you enjoyed this little Review.

Much love



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