Three Ways That Thermal Spas Can Benefit Your Wellbeing

A Blog in Collaboration with 1926 Spa by Resence, 1926 Hotel & Spa, Sliema, Malta

Thermal spa experiences have a long history, dating back to Ancient Roman times. The combination of therapies involving hot and cold treatments are renowned for relieving muscular aches and pains, detoxing skin, improving body metabolism and increasing circulation. They are also linked to improved mental wellness, including better quality sleep and fewer sick days. Thermal spa treatments have been shown to combat stress, reduce anxiety and help people feel more centred.

1926 Spa by Resense, a beautiful Spa I have been introduced to and welcomed to experience during August, has offers Various Treatments including facials, massages, manicures, pedicures and also a number of thermal spa therapies, that can improve your wellbeing and enrich your mind, body and soul.






Let’s talk about this in this Blog today. Whether you want to invigorate your body, find some peace of mind or simply a relaxing place to do some soul-searching, a thermal Spa Experience allows you to refocus on what is important to you. Become more motivated and productive with the knowledge that you are taking care of yourself.


First things first; because many of the thermal spa treatments involve water, you are unable to bring your phone with you. This allows you to unplug from the outside world, fully immersing yourself in the relaxing experience without any external distractions.

Not only can you mentally immerse yourself in the thermal spa, but you can also become physically immersed in the Hydrotherapy Pool. Floating in water has a calming effect and allowing yourself the time and space to destress builds your mental strength and improves motivation.


Best facilities: Sweat it out in the sauna before a cleanse in the shower.

Combine with: The Polish & Swathe treament, body scrub infused with healing ingredients, cleanses your skin in preparation for the hydrating wrap. Whilst the wrap is working its magic, we will tenderly massage your head to balance and promote relaxation or treat yourself to a Spa Pedicure

Before and after: Participate in some other offline activities that focus on yourself. Keeping a journal is known to be a cathartic practice, as releasing your daily stresses in writing lets you process your emotions in a thoughtful environment. Even if you don’t want to keep detailed notes, try writing down one thing you enjoyed about your day or a quality about yourself that you value. Activities that occupy your hands in repetitive motions are known to have a calming effect. I find time here to channel my Light Language, relaxing with the sound of the flowing water. You can find your own special time for yourself.






Have you recently overdone it during a workout? Sprained your ankle during a dance session or a game of football? Thermal spa treatments can accelerate the healing process and get you back to peak form in no time.

The combination of heat and cool therapies dilate and contract blood vessels to promote circulation throughout your body; and the better your circulation, the more oxygen and nutrients your blood can deliver to your muscles to repair the damage. This enhanced circulation means that your body can burn through calories at a faster rate, improving your metabolism.

Working up a sweat also flushes impurities from your body, rejuvenating and clearing your skin. Thermal treatments also relieve tension and fight the effect that stress has on your skin. Increased stress makes your body release more cortisol – a hormone that tells your skin to produce more oil – which can result in breakouts. Not only will a Thermal Spa Experience combat and heal problem skin, but it will also help to prevent spots at the root of the cause.

Best facilities:Visit the 1926 Hydrotherapy Pool and alternate sessions in the Hot Room or Sauna

Combine with:  Deep Tissue Massage  to improve blood circulation and work the tension out of your muscles, or purify your whole body with a  Deep Cleanse Treatment.

Before and after: There are several at-home remedies you can use to treat sore muscles in between thermal spa treatments. Eat foods that are rich in antioxidants such as blueberries, pecans, artichoke and dark chocolate. A healthy diet is also key to clear skin; too much salt makes your body retain water, which can lead to swelling under the eyes, while too much sugar spikes your insulin, which increases sebum production and breaks down the collagen tissue in your skin, leading to acne and wrinkles.  Poor nutrition also puts your body under stress, exacerbating skin problems.

But the most important part of maintaining a healthy body is ensuring that you stay hydrated. Water makes up two thirds of our body and is essential to all functions. Dehydration leads to poor digestion, headaches, fatigue, dizziness and increases your risk of muscle damage and kidney stones, so drinking plenty of water is the first step to your body is in peak condition. A word of warning about coffee and alcohol; both are diuretics which naturally dehydrate your body. Cut down on both for faster recovery times, better metabolism and clearer skin.


Something I live by! Mindfulness is an ancient Buddhist tradition of focusing attention on the present moment, which has come into the fore of the mental wellness rhetoric the last few years as people work to become more in tune with their emotions. Mindfulness is linked to improved mental health and has been proven to reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety by 58%.

Thermal spa experiences are just one of many simple practices you can incorporate into your life that add to a therapeutic mindfulness process. The non-judgmental space allows for quiet meditation where you can switch off and focus on embracing the now.

Spa Experience also knows that you are subconsciously absorbing your surroundings all the time, so our interior design is specifically planned to induce relaxation and ease tension. Everything from the ambience to the light colour encourages you to leave the outside world and your troubles at the door, so you can focus on this valuable component of your mindfulness practice.




Best facilities: Meditate in the sauna before washing your worries away in the shower.

Combine with: Age Defier Facial to achieve healthy skin from the inside out, or get the ultimate full body holistic treatment recommended by the specialists at 1926 Spa.

Before and after: Meditation is most effective as a daily practice; even five minutes a day will give you the peace and clarity to focus on your emotions in the present moment. Find somewhere quiet, turn off your phone and avoid all distractions. Focus on your breathing as an anchor point for when your mind wanders. When you find yourself thinking about bills or errands, bring your mind back to the feeling of your lungs expanding and contracting.

If you want to combine the workout of your mind with a workout of your body, try some simple yoga poses. Just like meditation, yoga is most effective as a daily practice. Rather than spending an hour in a weekly yoga class, spend 10–15 minutes every day completing some sun salutation sequences and combine with a few easy standing poses.

I have been so inspired to write this blog by the wellbeing time spent at 1926 Spa by Resense. The team have treated me to many treatments for me to experience the concept and the quality of their services to be able to recommend them to you.







I hope you enjoyed this blog and I welcome you to book yourself a treatment or a day at this lovely spa, on your own or perhaps with a loved one to connect with eachother more closely cut off from everything that is happening around you.


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