Maimai’s amphibians: trending like crazy

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It’s been a while since I ve been blogging about Fashion Trends! Life has been pretty busy and challenging but we’re growing and learning and evolving. So, what is this Blog about today? It’s about these gorgeous booties that are hitting the world by storm. Love the style and this brand has been on my radar.

The first amphibians, comfortable and with rubber soles, were not born to protect soldiers on long marches in any weather condition, but to make the convalescence of a gentleman who injured his foot skiing in the Bavarian Alps less painful.
He was a German doctor, it was 1945, and he himself designed with his own hands a boot with a special sole that allowed him to walk easily after the accident. Fifteen years later the idea was commercialized and turned into the most robust and revolutionary work shoe of the period. And, above all, in an iconic (black) canvas to be used as a basis for infinite interpretations.

Could MAIMAI , who for 26 years have made use of the craftsmanship excellence of his workers, exempt himself and who made a mission of the verb “to protect”? Of course not!

The company has interpreted amphibians in the Salento way , that is to say by shaping them with all the love for made in Italy craftsmanship, all the strength of precious but ultra-resistant materials, glamorous but comfortable, massive but light.


The classic military-inspired combat boots have an upper in premium high-durability calfskin “box” leather. The sole, a black-black and skilful mix of chunky and tank , is in thermoplastic rubber resistant to cold and insulating and guarantees maximum elasticity even at the lowest temperatures. They are created (like all MAIMAI production) by exploiting the energy of the sun thanks to the photovoltaic system the company has equipped itself with to protect the planet.

They are made with natural tanned leathers, assembled without chemical glues and with processes that reduce any waste.

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unnamed (2)

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MAIMAI amphibians love contrasts: they are punk and romantic, combative and protective. That’s why they love contrasts even in outfits: they can be worn with jogger-inspired trousers or with classic jeans, but they give their best with long and pleated skirts, close-fitting or short midi of all kinds, especially tartan; with knitted dresses, oversized sweatshirt and wide-leg cropped trousers.
Ah, one last thing: MAIMAI’s amphibians take the name of Aeneas, a beautiful hero of the classical era and brave warrior ready for anything. Like them, after all.

Public prices:
– Enea amphibians € 320.00

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