So happy to be the Brand Ambassador for Barilla Vero Gusto Sauces for Malta !

Hi everyone! It’s been such an honor to receive communication from this world-renowned brand, known for its high quality pasta and sauces. I have been selected to be the sole Brand Ambassador for this brand on the island of Malta. Wow! What can I say… I’ve always been a huge fan of this pasta brand. Growing up, I ve watched several TV adverts featuring Italian celebrities enjoying their pastas and sauces, and now, it’s my honor too.

Barilla has just launched a variety of high quality sauces and they asked if I could share this international News together with personal content on social media in the coming months.

So, here we go! I begin this first Blog by sharing an Introduction to VERO GUSTO, on its concept and what this new line is all about.





True Taste.

Vero Gusto means “true taste.” It’s not only Barilla’s name. It’s Barilla’s promise. Their sauces are made in Parma, Italy with the finest ingredients: Italian tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil. The ingredient lists are kept simple, with nothing artificial. And their cooking is inspired by homemade, sautéed and slowly simmered for a taste you’ll love sharing.

Vero Gusto was made to inspire shareworthy moments.

We all care about what we cook. It says a lot of about who we are and the choices we make. Every creative cook knows, given the right balance, even the simplest ingredients can be crafted into something special.




By embracing your creativity with some of Italy’s finest ingredients, you can really easily come up with a divinely tasting dish.

Each of their sauces has a distinct and complex taste, from the bright, delicate flavors of Genovese basil to the bold layers of Calabrian peppers. The results are as vibrant and pure as your approach to cooking, perfect for elevating a
weeknight meal or a weekend dinner party.

Best Sauces Ever!

I have been trialling some of the sauces and I’m finding them to be extremely practical because their ingredients are such good quality that very little seasoning is required to their formula!

I was pleasantly surprised by these sauces. Flavours are rich, they taste super fresh, as if it was just homemade. By the texture, you can tell that they have no water added, just the tomatoes and the spices. I emphasize on the fact that no Sugar added compared to all other sauces out there, and quite honestly, sugar is not needed because the flavours of the sauces is just perfect! I love the Peperoni and Peperoncino Calabrese – do not be intimidated by the peppers! Tomato basil is my second favourite! But I will let you try out the four types and choose your own favourite! Definitely worth trying them out and enjoy your own creations!



Vero Gusto Sauces in Malta are distributed by Francis Busuttil & Sons
This is a blog in partnership with Francis Busuttil & Sons and Ix-Xirja

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