Shout out to BALI SENSES

Last week, I received a few products from the Bali Senses line. I never heard of it but now I know that it has recently landed in Malta. The name of these products already transported me mentally to a tropical place and the moment I saw the package and caught a sniff of the fragrance from the bottles, I was already so excited to try them.



I received these two products which come in a celestial blue packaging:

1) Mystic Mantra Body Lotion

Lemongrass – Sweet Orange – Peppermint – Cajeput – Clove – Ginger


2) Mystic Mantra Essential Oil Roll On.

The texture of the body cream allows enough moisture to penetrate the skin but does not leave the skin too moist or too oily. The roll on lasts all day and is a very portable size to keep in the hand bag for in between meetings or errands and for travelling.


My husband and I tried them and we love them so much.

Thought Id give them a little shoutout since they are a small business and everyone needs support during these times.

Bali Senses offer a full personal care line.

All their products are based on ORGANIC essential oils, environment-friendly, and HAND MADE in BALI supporting local farmers and communities as part their Fair-Trade Commitment.




Respect Other, Respect Nature, Respect your Body, and Open your Senses to the Beauty of Bali

Join the Bali Senses community and contact them on Facebook or Instagram to place an order! I believe they also offer door to door deliveries in the Maltese islands.

Love to all of you



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