Happy New Year to You all I’m super excited to be back in full swing this year, 2022 with a number of CRYSTAL WORKSHOPS in my business Gemstones & Jewellery by GC. Held in Malta at my home studio in Madliena, my workshops are very popular with persons who are interested to start learning about these beautiful and powerful gemstones and crystals. For this reason, we have added more Event options,  including one Workshop for children and one hands-on workshop for persons who already completed the first two or have a good knowledge of crystals and wish to learn some new tips on how to use them in practice for healing or manifestation.


This is a beginner class for those that are new to crystals or would like to further their knowledge in how to work with crystals. Class time is 4 hours. In this class, we explore how crystals synchronize with the seven major chakras for healing and clearing of energy fields and how to use them.

A set of chakra stones, a pendulum, and a crystals booklet guide to take home with you is included in the price of the class. We focus on the healing properties of the stones given in the class and different ways to use them.

This class explains how to store and care for your crystals by cleaning, clearing and charging them to amplify their healing abilities. We also focus on some of the ways crystals and other stones are used in healing methods, enhancing meditation, and promoting spiritual development.

During the class you will also experience a meditation using your preferred crystal to clear and balance your energy system. This class will give you a deeper understanding in one of Mother Nature’s wonderful and natural therapies, and you’ll soon find yourself pleasantly involved in crystal energy as part of your daily life.

Cost of the Workshop is 70 Euros and includes a chakra set of crystals, a Crystals Booklet Guide to take home with you, and a pendulum of your choice from the new collection!

Due to Covid Restrictions and health guidelines, classes will hold 5 or 6 persons at maximum, so booking in advance is highly recommended.


The next workshop dates These are always found on our very active Facebook Page Gemstones & Jewellery by GC as well as my Instagram Page @graziellecamilleri


For those of you who have a basic knowledge of Crystals, this is a practical workshop designed for you to create and empower your own crystal grid for whatever purpose you need.

You will Learn how and why crystal grids work and the best ways to build them. Harness the power of crystals, intention, sacred geometry and shape to create the changes you want to make in your life and to achieve your dreams.

You will be building your own personal crystal grid, activating it to connect with each of the crystals in your team, and creating the signs and pathways for the energy to flow along.
Finally supercharging your crystal grid. You’ll take home your special crystals you’ve selected for your crystal grid and a hand crafted crystal board- these are included in the price of the workshop.

Price: 75 euros

All of you who attended Module 1 – An Introduction to Crystals Beginners Course – will really enjoy this one as a compliment to what you learnt in previous course.)

A deposit of 20 euros required in advance to secure your place. Revolut or BOV Pay tel 99012155 is perfect for registration and confirmation of your place. Due to Covid safety restrictions, we can only hold 5 to 6 persons max in each workshop.


Following the Workshop for Beginners Course, this Workshop is for people who have a basic knowledge and wish to learn how to learn the various uses for crystals including Healing, Cleansing, Manifestation and Much More!

This course will include Practical Examples and Hands On Training to Use these tools of Perfection from Mother Earth in various ways. The Objective is for you to Gain New Confidence with these Gems.

Topics Include

How to use crystals and gemstones as a support to all energy medicine modalities in balancing the health of the chakra and aura systems.
Specific healing properties of various crystals and gemstones and how to incorporate them into your health and wellness practice.
How to choose your best crystals that vibrate with your own personal energy field.
How to make gem essences for mind-body-spirit wellness.
Hands-on experience using a wide range of crystals and gemstones.
Certificate of Completion in Crystal Healing with attendance.

All these courses are hosted by me, Grazielle Camilleri Ahlgren.

Cost: 75 E

It includes the workshop, notes, a booklet and a Healing Crystal Kit to Take home with you!
Bookings are to be made in advance since they are very popular and only a limited number of 5 to 6 persons are allowed due to Covid restrictions. To show your interest, kindly send a message to the page and you will be requested to place a deposit of 20 E to tel 99012155 to secure your seat.


Last but not least……………Children have a natural affinity to crystals and are excellent at sensing, feeling and knowing which crystal is right for them. In recent years, we are meeting more and more children who are attracted to crystals, their healing energies , their calming energies and their ability to connect to the child’s soul. These children are our “Crystal Children” who are equipped in their current life journey with the innate need to reenergise their bodies and minds with the gentle qualities of crystals.

Whether it be a fascination for crystals, a deep curiosity or a natural attraction to crystals, this workshop will certainly educate your child’s mind on the many many wonderful abilities of crystals.

Crystals can be especially helpful for children that find it difficult to calm down, to focus, to sleep or to deal with emotions are reaching out for crystals to bring them home to where they need to be. Wearing crystal necklaces, rings, bracelets and other pieces of jewellery is not only highly beneficial for children on many levels but is now highly fashionable as well.


This workshop will provide an opportunity for children to discover crystals from a personal level to a metaphysical level such as :

Learning About Where Crystals Come From
How Crystals are formed
What crystals are made from
Some of the Basic Types of Crystals and Their Colours and Names
Crystal properties of popular crystals
How to choose, store and look after their crystals
How to meditate and use crystals
How to make their own crystal jewellery

Duration – 3 hours

These workshops hosted by Grazielle, a mum to Luna a 7 year old who loves her crystals will definitely offer a great fun filled way to fill in time over school weekends and meet new like minded friends. Children are welcome to bring their own Crystals with them to discuss with the group while learning from others.

Each child will receive at the end of the event,  a  bag of crystals to take home as well as crystal information sheets to refer back to, all included making this workshop exceptional value!

All those interested are to Message Us on Facebook or via email on to Book their place
Price – 40 euros per child

A tailor made – shorter version – one hour can be organised at 15 euros per child,  when/if a parent is booking a Group of  between 10 to 15 persons for a party or a special occasion – a different event with FIRE the Crystal Queen!

Deposit of 10 euros upon booking.

Thank you so much!

Looking forward to meeting you and hosting this magical Hands-On Workshop in Malta!


Owner & Founder
Workshop Host
Gemstones and Jewellery by GC



Feb 2022

The Power of Crystal Grids – Saturday Feb 5th – 10 am to 2 pm – in Madliena at our Crystals Studio

Crystals Workshop for Beginners – Saturday Feb 19th – 10 am to 2 pm – in Madliena at our Crystals Studio

Hands-On Practise Workshop – Saturday Feb 12th – 10 am to 2 pm – in Madliena at our Crystals Studio

Crystals Workshop for Kids – Feb 26th – 10 am to 1 pm – in Madliena at our Crystals Studio

March 2022

March 12th – Crystals Workshop for Beginners –  – 10 am to 2 pm – in Madliena at our Crystals Studio

March 19th – Crystals Workshop for Beginners –  – 10 am to 2 pm  in Madliena at our Crystals Studio

Saturday March 26th – Hands-On Practise Workshop  – 10 am to 2 pm – in Madliena at our Crystals Studio

April 2022

Live Event with me  from Cairo, Egypt – Date to be Confirmed – Surprise Giveaway to one lucky viewer – So  Stay Tuned to the Facebook page! Gemstones and Jewellery by GC  

April 16th Crystals Workshop for Beginners – Saturday Feb 19th – 10 am to 2 pm – in Madliena at our Crystals Studio

April 23rd – The Power of Crystal Grids –– 10 am to 2 pm – in Madliena at our Crystals Studio

April 30th – Hands-On Practise Workshop – Saturday March 26th – 10 am to 2 pm – in Madliena at our Crystals Studio





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