La Métamorphose – Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

LA MÉTAMORPHOSE Couture Collection Fall Winter 2021 2022 «  MADAME BUTTERFLY » during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Online

It’s time to take the masks off and find out the truth about ourselves . This is the message that La Métamorphose delivers to us through this new collection.

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Grazielle Camilleri


A multifaceted woman, sometimes a silvery and sequined chrysalis sculpted in an ultra sexy jumpsuit or in a mermaid dress, sometimes draped in silk organza or satin, mikado and lace of transparent evening dresses.

The masterpiece of the collection, the midnight blue butterfly dress, with its cut-out handpainted wings painted , in a cloud of silk chiffon.

La Métamorphose delivers a very feminine, structured and sequined collection for the day, and vaporous, transparent and sexy gowns for the evening.

I just had to share these beautiful images of this collection

6 bis, rue Georges, 92230 Gennevilliers, France
+33 6 03 72 76 64
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