My Egyptian Crystal Jewellery Collection

Hi Everyone!

Greetings to all of you, wherever you are based in the world! Greetings to anyone who comes across this blog post, to all of you who love travelling, crystals, spiritual growth, jewellery made with love. You have found me!

I m Grazielle Camilleri, born and raised on the island of Malta for the most part of my life, but travelled to several countries in this lifetime. I’m very interested in different cultures, traditions, rituals, dress sense, and I just love connecting with all sorts of people because I learn so much from everyone I meet.

Today, in this article I just felt it was appropriate to shout for joy to announce  my newest collection of Crystal Jewellery in my online shop titled “The Egyptian Collection” which has received so much great feedback from the moment I posted a few teasers on my Instagram Pages @graziellecamilleri and @fire.messengeroflove !



There is no secret in that I have a passion for Egypt, the pyramids and the energies that call me there almost like an inner clock every year, for re-connecting and re charging. I have travelled to Egypt 6 times in the past three years, thanks to Rami’s Insight Tours and these vacations have totally changed my life in so many ways!

So it came very natural to me to create a line that was purely inspired from my travels to this beautiful land and sourcing many of the crystals from here too.

The pieces in this line are named after various Gods and Deities named in Egyptian History and I have also included the Sun and the Moon into the Theme for their appearance to have an almost Ethnic classy look. The black line are made with black macrame and made with lots of love.

These styles you see are online and many have sold out very quickly. However due to the demand, we are already working on new styles to reach you by September 2022, so keep looking out for the next models, and who knows, I might even officially launch the next pieces Live from Egypt…

Let’s see what the Universe wishes, and where it wants me for September 2022 Egyptian Collection Launch!

Send you love and blessings wherever you are and feel free to contact me should you need any assistance with either Crystals or Creating Your Own Unique Pieces at Gemstones & Jewellery by GC!






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