The World of Crystals

  • Why Decorate my Office with Crystals?

    A rehaul of your workspace or home office with crystals can help you remove that stale, dull energy and replace it with motivational and productive vibes. Crystals are beautiful and inspiring to look at and give off all kinds of positive healing powers. Whether you work from an office, cubicle, studio, shop, restaurant, vehicle or […]

  • Lapis Lazuli Crystal – it’s History and attraction

    A blue stone of celestial influence, Lapis Lazuli is a highly sought after crystal of Lapis Lazuli’s strengths lie in its deeply calming and connective energies—helping one tap into the great wisdom and calming presence of the spirit realm. Its psychic stimulating ability brings one into a greater harmony with cosmic knowledge and truth. A […]

  • Best Crystals for Anxiety

    Hi there! Welcome to my Lifestyle Blog where I share with you all the things I love and am passionate about. If you’re into Crystals, you know that there’s a crystal for everything. Some can ward off negative energy, others can heal your broken heart, and still others can be used to calm you down […]

  • Top 5 Crystals to attract Love, Wealth & Abundance

    You deserve to prosper. The Universe provides you with all the resources needed to achieve your dreams. Ask and you shall receive. Give to receive. Take action with crystals and you shall amplify your intentions ten times over. Many of us in society have been conditioned to doubt ourselves since childhood. Maybe you feel unworthy of achieving financial […]

  • BLACK TOURMALINE CRYSTAL – Protection and Grounding

    Welcome to my Blog to the World of Crystals Section, in which I enjoy sharing information about Crystals and Gemstones. Black Tourmaline is probably one of the best stones, if not the best, when dealing with negative energy. Not only does black tourmaline help get rid of negative energy, it also work on attracting positive […]

  • Rose Quartz to Attract Love

    Rose quartz crystals carry vibrations that attract love. One of the most important stones for Heart Chakra work, Rose Quartz opens the heart to all types of love – love of self, love of family, love of friends, romantic love. By healing your heart and helping you to practice forgiveness, understanding, and compassion, Rose Quartz helps you to love […]

  • The Moonstone Crystal and its Benefits

    Moonstone is one of the most mystical and ethereal gems. It belongs to the orthoclase, a type of minerals that can be found in the Earth’s crust. While its look captured the attention of millions of people throughout history, it has a deeper meaning and important origin a wearer should be familiar with. Plus, there […]

  • The Labradorite Crystal and its Magic

    As I am working specifically with this beautiful crystal this month, I thought of sharing information about it with you all. Labradorite is one of the most popular metaphysical stones and often one of the first that people buy. Its dazzling flashes of colour enchant the eyes with its mysterious shimmer. Shades of violet, peacock […]

  • How To Create Crystal Grids

    For the crystal lovers, collectors, and ritual-makers, crystal grids are the next step in your journey of crystal work. Far more powerful than simply working with a single crystal, crystal grids harness the power of complementary crystals to supercharge your intention or goal. By arranging multiple crystals in a specific pattern, you can create a […]