Lapis Lazuli Crystal – it’s History and attraction

A blue stone of celestial influence, Lapis Lazuli is a highly sought after crystal of Lapis Lazuli’s strengths lie in its deeply calming and connective energies—helping one tap into the great wisdom and calming presence of the spirit realm. Its psychic stimulating ability brings one into a greater harmony with cosmic knowledge and truth.



A stone of wisdom, intuition, and truth, Lapis Lazuli is a powerful crystal for anyone seeking to deepen their connection to self. The Lapis Lazuli crystal properties are known for opening the third eye chakra, the centre of intuition and inner wisdom. By enhancing your ability to turn inward and uncover your truth, the Lapis Lazuli crystal healing properties can support anyone ready to step into their power and authentic self.


Lapis Lazuli gets its name from both Latin and Persian, translating to “blue stone”. While its name may not relay its magical properties, Lapis Lazuli has a long and rich history that has proven its cultural importance.

As one of the most highly-prized crystals in Ancient Egypt, Lapis Lazuli had a wide variety of uses from adorning royal jewellery to acting as a pigment in cosmetics (with many saying that Cleopatra herself favoured the rich blues of this stone). It is even said that the sarcophagus of King Tut was inlaid with Lapis—used as a symbol of both royalty and a deep connection to the spirit realm.

In Ancient Persia, some say that this crystal was a popular choice for warding off the evil eye. While in Medieval Europe, Lapis Lazuli was ground into a pigment and selected as a popular colour among some of the world’s greatest renaissance painters like Michelangelo and Masaccio.

Today, Lapis Lazuli is used by many modern mystics in a similar manner to the mystics of old—as a deeply protective force and a strong connective energy to the spirit realms. Its cosmic properties are as revered by spiritualists today as they were centuries ago.



This crystal is especially powerful for those looking to make a big shift in their life, like changing jobs or careers or moving. If you are unsure of what the best move is for you, or if you’ve let other people’s opinions steer you in a particular direction, the Lapis Lazuli crystal meaning will remind you to live life for yourself. You know what is best for you, and you are ready to be your own leader in life.


The energy of Lapis Lazuli will help you discover your authentic self when you connect with its deep well of wisdom. By boosting your intuition and expanding your mental awareness, the Lapis Lazuli crystal meaning shows you how to access the knowledge and power you have within you.

The celestial blue hues of this stone expand your consciousness and open your mind to the realm of knowledge and wisdom. Similar to the way it was used in ancient times, Lapis Lazuli crystal can help you achieve a higher state of being and elevate your mental capacity.

Whenever you want to ask for guidance or information, the Lapis Lazuli crystal healing properties help you remember to turn inward and trust yourself. You just might surprise yourself with your own sage advice.


Lapis Lazuli is a powerful crystal for:

• Easy and fluid communication
• Tapping into inner and cosmic wisdom
• Relieving stress
• Easing frustrations and anger
• Blocking psychic attacks
• Unveiling deep truths
• Activating the Throat Chakra
• Activating the Third Eye Chakra
• Balancing feminine and masculine energies
• Finding inner-peace
• Inspiring honesty
• Enhancing wisdom and knowledge
• Strengthening connection to spiritual guides
• Promoting a calm and purified environment
• Encouraging intuitive dreams


How To Use Your Lapis Lazuli Crystal for Tapping Into Your Wisdom

To tap into your inner wisdom, create a Lapis Lazuli crystal program that includes wearing it, carrying it, and placing it in your space.

Wear: Wearing a piece of jewelry made of Lapis Lazuli enables you to keep a constant flow of crystal energy in your energy field. When you wear it, the Lapis Lazuli crystal meaning has a constant effect on you and remind you that you have a wealth of knowledge within.

Carry: To enhance your crystal practice, keep a piece of Lapis Lazuli in your purse or pocket. Whenever you want to tap into your inner wisdom, the crystal will be there to help you do so.

Place: The last step to completing your crystal program is to place a Lapis Lazuli crystal in your space. Whenever you want to connect with the Lapis Lazuli crystal meaning, hold it to your forehead to awaken your third eye chakra, the center of intuition. Even when you are not using your crystal, the Lapis Lazuli crystal properties emit energy to facilitate mental awareness and deeper intuition.

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Enjoy the power and blessings from all the crystals.

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