Top 5 Crystals to attract Love, Wealth & Abundance

You deserve to prosper. The Universe provides you with all the resources needed to achieve your dreams. Ask and you shall receive. Give to receive. Take action with crystals and you shall amplify your intentions ten times over.

Many of us in society have been conditioned to doubt ourselves since childhood. Maybe you feel unworthy of achieving financial success. Or perhaps you associate money with something sinful. These are self sabotaging patterns, untruths ingrained into the fabric of society’s psyche. There are enough resources and opportunities in the world for everyone, including you. Have you heard about the Law of Attraction and also how The Secret explains the laws of the Universe?


You probably need reminders to think in a positive manner. You may also benefit from tools to help walk your true path. Crystals are the perfect tools to help you get in touch with dreams and manifest them into reality.

It is time to finally break free of this “lack” mindset.

It is only recently that I ve learnt about this and of course, Im sharing this knowledge with you for you to question, for you to explore, for you to benefit from if it resonates.

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How do Abundance Crystals Work?

Crystals are messengers of the Universe. They record your intentions and deliver them out to the Universe. Crystals are naturally structured to conduct energy. They bring back the wisdom and answers you need to complete your goals.

For the most effective usage of crystals, you want to deliberately infuse them with your personal intentions. It is important you cleanse and charge your abundance crystals for the most powerful results.

5 of the Most Powerful Stones to Attract Money

Green Aventurine is known for its energy of wealth and abundance. Program your crystal for the type of abundance that you would like to receive. This could be anything, such as an abundance of health, wealth or friendships. Double up on the energies of your Aventurine stones by complimenting it with Citrine. Combining these two powerful manifestation stones together brings the greatest outcome yet!

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Citrine is known as the Merchant’s stone because it brings cash flow and financial success. Place it in your purse, wallet, or money box. We hear all kinds of success stories attributed to the purchase of Citrine crystals.

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Pyrite is known as Fool’s Gold. Yet when you learn to harvest the abundance energy of Pyrite, you will definitely not feel like a fool. Pyrite attracts riches, coins, treasure and cash. Its sparkling exterior acts like a vortex of manifestation, summoning the Law of Attraction to bring you more and more and more.



Bloodstone is also know for its efficiency for manifesting wealth and abundance. Place Bloodstone in your money corner to help retain your current wealth. Not only will it help you conserve your money, but Bloodstone assists you in gaining more because like attracts like.



Green Jade is the attractive sister of Aventurine, Jade has long been associated with money, luck and prosperity. Jade is a stone of good fortune and its divine powers of manifestation are revered across cultures.


Where to Put Money Crystals

Get in the groove with financial Feng Shui so that you always have cash flowing in, not just out.

Here are the 7 best places to place your money crystals:

1. Wallet: A Jade Polished Stone assures your wallet is always bulging
2. Purse: Snag some Citrine and Bloodstone so you can shop til you drop
3. Money Box: Chunks of Pyrite attracts wads of cash
4. Safe: Emerald keeps your treasures in tact
5. Work Desk: Aventurine Balls keeps the paychecks rolling in.
6. Place of Business: A Pyrite egg is a true Golden Egg
7. On your body as Jewelry: Jade Earrings, Citrine Necklaces and Bloodstone Bracelets liven up your cash flow AND your wardrobe.




Clients have reported all kinds of success upon buying these abundance crystals. Some encountered hidden cash, others got promoted unexpectedly at work, and the stories keep coming. Want to be a part of the flow?


Crystals for Other Types of Abundance

Any of the above mentioned Abundance Crystals can be programmed for any type of abundance, not just for money. For different types of abundance, we recommend pairing the following stones together:

Endless Love

For strong and prosperous relationships with beloved family, we recommend you pair Aventurine abundance crystal with Rose Quartz love. Aventurine brings in the abundance and Rose Quartz opens the flow of love. The powerful duo will attract the right people into your life. The right people bring meaning and fulfillment. As an added bonus, both of these stones correspond with the Heart Chakra. Green Aventurine goes with the Heart and Pink Rose Quartz goes with the Upper Heart.

Creativity, Artistic Nature, Empath Intuition

Artists make the world worth living in. Writers, painters, actors, designers; they all need inspiration and an abundance of ideas. The creative empath types are those who connect to our feelings and glue humanity with their natural bonding tendencies. To fuel your artistic side, we recommend pairing Citrine abundance crystal with Carnelian. Citrine works at the core of the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is your emotional center. When paired with Carnelian, the stone of Creativity, the duo becomes an unstoppable muse.


I hope you found this Crystals Blog informative. I invite you to do more research to see what other sites say, but they are certainly proving powerful tools in my life and in the life of the friends who enjoy working with these beautiful gems from the Earth.

At Gemstones & Jewellery by GC, our company thrives by spreading information and crystals across the globe with the intention for everyone to empower themselves and use these tools to reach maximum performance capacities in health, energetic work and love.

Feel free to contact me or my Gemstones & Jewellery by GC page to explore the World of Crystals.

Much love

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