Dreams come true when you never give up and pursue with your visions, sometimes against all odds. Truth be told, nothing comes easy in life and if it does, well count your blessings! My blog today is a very special one – it is dedicated to my friend Denis Aljush who, after working vigilantly in the fashion industry as a blogger/ stylist for several years,  has, during the Covid pandemic gone with his heart, and launched his very first Fashion Collection called Marrakesh.

Photos by Marin Babanov
Make Up by Natasa Trandafil, MAC COSMETICS
Hair by Anthea Gatt
Venue Ramla Bay Resort, Malta


resize_denis green jacket

Pic Credit: Patrizia Val Madiona

I was honoured to be the first person to shoot all these gowns you see in my Blog in the beautiful venue of Ramla Bay Hotel with an amazing team and with these photos, I am able to show you this collection and also release the Interview with Denis in a way that you can learn more about this beautiful person I’m so proud to call my friend.

For those of you who follow my socials, and have been following my blog, you know how Denis and I are besties and we have experienced so many special moments in Malta. We have also travelled to many Fashion Weeks in Milan together, red carpets in Cannes, and we have a special bond that grows year after year from the trust, respect, and passion for what we mutually believe in on humanitarian level. So this interview is just a tiny way of putting a spotlight on this incredibly talented person with a heart of gold.




Denis, for the sake of my followers, when did your love for fashion and style begin?

Dear Grazielle,

First of all, I wanna thank you for your interview. It’s always a pleasure to interact with you and your followers. I started being involved in fashion from a very young age as my mother was a model and she was always on castings, fashion shows and events. Being with her a lot and admiring what I saw with awe and inspiration, my love for fashion started developing. I was only 4 years old and I already knew then that fashion and style are the things that make me feel happy and fulfilled.


When did you arrive in Malta and what brought you here?

I arrived in Malta almost 10 years ago because of my studies and remained here. I just recently finished my Masters at the University of Malta.


What do you love about travelling and why is this collection called Marrakesh?

I am in general, a person that travels a lot. Till this date, I have visited more than 50 countries and that gives me so much motivation to design and create. In fact after visiting Marrakech in Morocco this year I was ready to transmute all my visual and emotional experience into my new collection SS 20/21.


What fabrics did you use and why did you choose these styles to launch your first glam collection?

The main fabric that I had used is the tulle and lace, all brought from Morocco –  and my aim was to create as much an authentic and vibrant collection as possible, one that would bring both my dreamy ideas and the culture of this country into a fashionable reality that could be worn by any woman who loves that travel vibe and is happy to show that.




resize_20200831 Triq San Giljan GÇô Senglea-8

resize_20200831 Triq San Giljan GÇô Senglea-10

What inspires you for your out of this world styles and how do you keep coming up with new ideas every time?

Travelling and visiting so many new places and their lifestyle is my biggest inspiration to connect into one design my view of that particular place with the things that that place offer to me regarding fashion.


What do you say to people who are starting in the fashion industry as a model or blogger or fashion stylist or designer?

All the people involved in the fashion industry are artistic and with passion for fashion. They all need to follow their dream to reach the biggest goal they have. Many of the world famous designers are in fact people that were involved in blogging,  styling or assisted some fashion company first and then they developed into world’s biggest fashion designers.

resize_20200831 Triq San Giljan GÇô Senglea-17

All  Jewellery is from my Collection @Gemstones & Jewellery by GC

resize_20200831 Triq San Giljan GÇô Senglea-24

resize_20200831 Triq San Giljan GÇô Senglea-28

resize_20200831 Triq San Giljan GÇô Senglea-44

resize_20200831 Triq San Giljan GÇô Senglea-46

resize_20200831 Triq San Giljan GÇô Senglea-54


All make up was done by the talented Natasa Trandafil using MAC COSMETICS


Who are the people who motivate you to be where you are today, especially when your family are in Macedonia not in Malta?

This question I had answer a lot of times during this year. My biggest support comes from yourself Grazielle – as you as the person you are motivated me so much to follow all.

My dreams believing in me so much, meeting me with so many important people, bringing me to events, and shows where I was involved always. U know what they are saying ITS ENOUGH ONLY ONE PERSON TO BELIEVE IN YOU AND MIRACLES HAPPEN! In fact, they ARE HAPPENING. I’m so grateful and blessed to have you in my life.


Where is the place you will travel to first after this Covid restrictions?

I ve been wantimg to visit Iceland for so long and I hope will be able to go there next year,


You are a doctor by profession. How do you combine the two?

It’s was always hard to combine two totally different things and find time for both but I manage somehow to prove that you can love two things instead of one and when that is really the passion you will. I always manage to connect them. It’s hard and I don’t have any free time for myself sometimes, but it’s not impossible. Both being a doctor and being involved in fashion make me so happy and that gives me the energy to continue.


Will your collections be available online? where ? when?

My collection will be available officially ONLINE from the 1st of November, the day of my birthday with an official promotion. Since this is officially my first online collection all the items will be found on my official website

Thank you so much for your time to answer my questions. I wish for my readers and followers to learn more about you as a person to be able to understand you and your vision with this collection and your personal style.

I wish you so many blessings, good luck and abundance. You really deserve your current success and I just see more coming for you, if you stick to your visions, and work from the heart!

Is there anything that I missed that you wish to add? ( tears rolling as I read it )

I will add that I LOVE YOU So much and I am so grateful for everything. You are one of the most amazing people I ever meet ready to help to everyone. Your soul, energy and spirit are something that I will wear in my soul for forever.

Thank you for being always here as real friend, family and shine bright always you one of a kind diamond .

With this lovely ending and lots of more beautiful pictures for you to enjoy, I leave you with one more quote I love and I share it often with Denis..

Every beautiful mind has great dreams, but rarely is anyone ever ready to work hard for their dreams.”– Terry Mark

And you do work hard, so enjoy the fruits of your labor my friend! You deserve it so much.

Much Love, Always!



resize_20200831 Triq San Giljan GÇô Senglea-58


resize_20200831 Triq San Giljan GÇô Senglea-61



resize_20200831 Triq San Giljan GÇô Senglea-26

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