How To Create Crystal Grids

For the crystal lovers, collectors, and ritual-makers, crystal grids are the next step in your journey of crystal work.
Far more powerful than simply working with a single crystal, crystal grids harness the power of complementary crystals to supercharge your intention or goal.

By arranging multiple crystals in a specific pattern, you can create a powerful union of energies—calling on the force of the trinity found inside your intention, the crystals, and the sacred geometric patterns.


a grid for love and relationships


crystal grids create a harmonious energy field entirely aligned towards your intention—calling on the fundamental powers and laws of the universe to aide in its manifestation. By using a specific combination of intention, crystals, and design, you can strengthen the power and focus of your intention—often bringing results that much faster.

For this reason, many people create crystal grids inside every room of their home—amplifying the intended energy of the space beyond what a single crystal could do alone!

They’re especially powerful for on-going manifestation work—for when the goal isn’t a specific deadline, but an on-going attraction or repulsion.

100477475_1143771359320309_7175177140701233152_na crystal grid for protection and harmony



  • Decide on your intention. What are you making this crystal grid for? What are you looking to call in or repel away? You can select an intention as small as “getting a good night’s sleep” to as large as calling in a grand sum of money. As the heart of your crystal grid, choosing a clear intention is vital.
  • Select your crystals. Now it’s time to choose crystals that energetically align with your intention! There are several different roles your crystals will be playing, and it’s important to keep that in mind when choosing which crystals to use.
  • Focus stone: this will be the center of your grid. The role of this stone is to gather and focus universal energy into your crystal grid—amplifying its power and keeping the intention strong. Quartz points or towers are one of the most powerful focus stones in any grid, due to their clear-channeling powers and ability to work well with any intention.
  • Supportive crystals: some call these the way stones and the desire stones, but for our purposes we will lay them out under one grouping of “support”—because that’s what they are, support for the intention you’ve created. These crystals will be specifically chosen based on your intention. Their coloring, energy signatures, and even shapes can be carefully selected to align with your goal.

Here are a couple suggestions of supportive crystals to get you started:

Crystals for Abundance:

Crystals for Clearing/Protection:
Black Tourmaline
Smoky Quartz

Note: always follow your intuition above all else—you don’t need every single crystal listed above, only select the stones that call to you.

crystal grid for moneya crystal grid for money and wealth



Using either a crystal grid cloth or a simple piece of paper, pick out the spot where you want to your crystal grid to sit. Place the cloth or paper on a flat surface in this area, preparing the space for the next step.

Cleanse the space. Using smoke, sound, or candles, clear the space and the crystals that you’re using for the grid.

Lay out your crystals. Begin by laying your focus stone in the center of the grid. Then continue to follow the geometric pattern on your cloth, or a pattern you’ve found online (if you’re using paper), intuitively laying out your crystals into your desired shape. The goal for this step isn’t to achieve perfection, but to lay out the crystals in a way that feels right.

State your intention. Clearly and audibly state your intention into the grid you’ve created below. Visualize what the manifestation of this intention will look like. At this point, if there are any spirits/energies/deities you work with that would be suitable for the intentions of this grid, call on them now to aide you in your crystal work.

Activate the grid. Using a crystal wand, or simply a finger on your dominate hand, begin by following the path laid out by the crystals on your grid. Trace out the pattern from one stone to the next, clearly showing the connection between each crystal. Continue this until the entire grid has been connected (and thereby activated).


Now, it’s time to step back and let the grid do what it was intended to do. Some people like to return to their grid every three days and reactivate it using the step above—but this isn’t necessary to achieve your desired intention.

Simply leave the grid to do it’s thing, keeping it up for as long as your feel it’s right (there is no set length of time you need your crystal grid up—in fact, some people have kept the same grids running for years at a time)!


a grid for wealth and abundance

When it comes to creating crystal grids, it’s important to remember that the process is more intuitive than anything else. This is a ritual to harness and channel the energies you’re calling in with your intention—only you know what’s best for your grid. Follow your intuition during every step of this process to create your very own crystal-activated, sacred geometry-supported tool aligned with your intention and desire!

Enjoy the power of crystals and crystal gridding.


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