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    My Return to Egypt for More Exploration

    This is the first blog about my trip to Egypt with Rami’s Insight Tours and Airmalta Highlights include: *Abu Simbel Temples, Aswan, *Isis Temple, Aswan *KOM OMBO Temple  & Crocodile Museum *The Nile Cruise aboard the Radamis floating hotel Hello my friends. Thank you for connecting with me through my Blog. Is Egypt is a […]

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    Museums, boat rides and hospitality in Egypt

    Part Three of Three of my recent adventure to Giza and Cairo with Rami’s Insight Tours Subjects Covered in this Blog *Egyptian Museum in Cairo *Learning How Egyptian Papyrus is made *Boat Ride along the River Nile *Accomodation and next tour trip planned in October Malta Hello everyone! Trust you are all well and enjoying […]

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    Egypt – the land of the Pharaohs and beautiful locals

    Part Two of my adventure to Giza and Cairo with Rami’s Insight Tours Subjects Covered in this Blog *Red Pyramid *Camel Riding & a Twistees break *Saqqara *The Largest Market in Egypt *Sugar Cane Juice Hello there! Welcome back to my blog to this travel diary from my trip to Egypt, in which I felt […]

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    Egypt – A trip of a lifetime

    Part one of my adventure to Giza and Cairo with Rami’s Insight Tours   Subjects covered in this blog *Our accommodation & host from egypt *Giza Pyramids & Sphynx Tour by horse carriage *Traditional Egyptian coffee *Egyptian Food tasting Where do I begin? I recently fulfilled a childhood dream to visit Egypt. When I was […]

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    Mexico Trip – 7 top things to do in Tulum

    I’ve always dreamt of visiting South America. Visiting a country in Latin America, was next on the bucket list after my Las Vegas J Lo adventure last year. I caught the wanderlust bug and our flights were booked to paradise soon after. I couldn’t be more excited that one of my dreams is coming true! […]

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    This week, while in the beautiful Canary Islands for our annual family vacation, we visited this world-famous Dragon Tree in Icod de Los Vinos in Tenerife for the first time. I have been looking forward to this for so long: I have seen pictures of it in previous years and it looked stunning, but I […]

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    The Day I met Jennifer Lopez in Las Vegas

    Hi Everyone! Thank you soooo much for the incredible feedback from the first Blog about my experience in Las Vegas. In this one, I will be talking about the main reason I was flown to Las Vegas by Inglot Malta and Rocs Group – which was to watch one of the last concerts of Jennifer […]

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    LAS VEGAS – seeing is believing

    Last week, I was struck by a lucky streak when I was flown from Milan to Las Vegas on an all-complimentary basis thanks to a competition I won with Inglot Malta, the make up brand that gave the opportunity to a hand-picked of number of leading influencers in Malta, inviting them to produce and share […]

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    3 Day Getaway to Rome

    Last week, we had the opportunity to travel to Rome once again for a much-needed getaway, to unwind, explore some Roman sites and take a little break from the normal routines in Malta to connect with eachother and enjoy that vacation feeling while the mother in law offered to stay home with baby Luna. Italy’s […]

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    Two weeks ago, we travelled with #MALTATV in collaboration with Motors MT  and the Malta Motorsports Federation to AUSTRIA for a special experience involving cars and driving skills. We attended various modules at Test & Training International. As some of you may know, I am an avid car enthusiast. I enjoy not only the aesthetic […]

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    Catalin Bindiu a Photographer on a Mission

    Hello beautiful people. I would like to have the pleasure to introduce you to a photographer who is not usually one to enjoy the limelight, because he is very understated and focuses on his works. Catalin Bindiu, originally from Rumania has been residing in Malta for over 5 years and caught my attention recently not […]