2018 Review – My highlights this year

2018 was a year of pushing boundaries and personal growth. Here are some of my accomplishments/highlights

Every year, I compile a list of things I achieved in the year in various areas of my life, to be able to measure growth and time management and to keep me motivated to keep doing more stuff the following year.


2018 was for me an action-packed year in which I followed through with all the things I had in mind to do in the beginning of the year and yet I felt I still managed to maintain a healthy balance in both career, personal development, and family time – each with their own challenges, happy days and unlucky days but on the whole I can unashamedly say that from 2017 to 2018, I’ve given my inner growth  a lot of priority together with facing  fears and picking up new skills, that I almost don’t recognize my old self! All the changes and improvements will undoubtedly help me to feel more confident to face 2019, a year of many new adventures not only what I know but also into things I will explore.

And here without further delay are some of my main achievements/ experiences which make me smile:

Moved to a new home smoothly

In January, my husband and I took a little risk and decided to move to a larger home, making some unbudgeted costs and took the plunge to be able to feel more empowered and comfortable with having more space for storage for all three of us. We believed that moving to a larger physical space would also trigger more want for us to grow in our personal and career development. The move was fast and smooth thanks to the help from our closest friends and family, just two weeks from the time we found the place! Now that we look back, the risks have paid off because we have been living an entire year feeling so grateful every day from the morning we wake up and open the windows to the valley view, till the time we sit down again to watch sunset with our herbal cuppa teas and catch up on the day we had and yes we have felt more empowered to fulfill our potential better in these new surroundings.

Maintained a set of healthy habits all year

This year, we kept up our family Healthy Habits for 12 months – as seen on our daily Instagram Stories @graziellecamilleri – including our early morning family jogs, positive affirmations, meditation time with crystals, connecting with each other daily as a couple and with our daughter Luna and making sure we tell each other“I Love You “every morning and every evening, drinking more water, eating healthy 5 days a week, avoiding negative gossip and news to keep our vibes good and peaceful.

Attended my daughter’s sports day and special school events

Highlights of this year, as a parent was  attending all little Luna’s school activities with pride and  seeing her come home with her first home work books! It’s just been overwhelming  to see her be so happy and confident in herself going to school to learn and play with her friends, has given me so much pride as a mum, as a parent who is still learning day by day what it means to be responsible for another human being for the rest of my living life. I love being a parent and honestly, the experience is opening up my heart more and allowing me to have more purpose in my life because I feel responsible for the future of my “children” and the planet I live on.

Cut down on alcohol intake

This year both me and Marco have cut down our alcohol intake by 70 percent giving us much more energy. I basically now only drink one or two glasses socially at maximum when out with friends or on work activities. I don’t feel the urge to drink alcohol at all and that keeps me healthy and clear-minded at all times and I ve cut down on loads of calories too. I do enjoy a good glass of champagne or whisky or a cocktail on an evening out but I m not into drinking too much.

Together is Better

In February this year I launched the campaign video “Together is Better” to mark a sequence of humanitarian causes and awareness blogs and it went viral with over 4.5 million views across the world!! What an encouraging way to kick off the year!

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This particular blog was about speaking our truth even in the face of pain and adversity and it hit many strings when I picked on the subject about the abuse of race horses. It was a blog that is very close to my heart because I invested my soul and money and energy into it and short after one of the horses and one of the models in this shoot passed away so again a piece of their story is here in my blog for me to look at and cherish for years to come.




This campaign was also the kick start to interviewing some very interesting people I know, sharing their talents and heartfelt messages. By joining forces with other people to talk about important subjects we are learning more about life, about ourselves and working together to make the world a better place.This interview with Claire Zammit Xuereb which was very well received is just one of the blogs I loved doing. I love to meet people and learn from them and share their teachings. That is part of why I feel I’m here in this lifetime. I want to do more of this going forward.


Official Social Media Blogger for Malta Eurovision Song Contest

This year I was blessed with the opportunity to be the official social media blogger at Malta’s Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Together with Sarah Zerafa for the first-time in Malta’s history, I blogged about the event activities that entire week and interviewed all singers, dancers and hosts back stage and behind the scenes and as a result, because the work was well received, it has opened up doors for a particular media project already planned and confirmed in the pipeline for 2019.

3 FASHION WEEKS – Fashion Blogger’s Dream

This year, I committed to attended and blog about 3 Fashion Week Editions. 2 in Milan this year, one in February and one in September, and one on our beautiful island – Malta. 3 events were  very pleasant and rewarding in many ways because here  is where I just enjoy expressing my fashion creative side and reporting on the design work being presented by so many talented designers.


The Milan trips especially the last one were successful trips in terms of international exposure, increase in international and commercial following as well as gaining experience of how all these fashion events work. Hard work is paying off for both myself and my bestie Denis Aljush who has become my travel partner on these amazing trips. I also have to say that travelling with Denis and spending time with him has really helped me realise how much I love being a good friend to my friends and how blessed I am with so much love from not only Denis but by some beautiful friends and fans who really care about me and are inspired to learn some tips from me too! That is so motivating to me because of course I want to help others grow too by just being myself and by giving my honest opinions.

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This was one of my fave looks during Fashion Week in February courtesy of Mangano Malta, one of my preferred fashion partners and sponsors for 2018.



Malta Fashion Week was a roller coaster of emotions starting from my exiting nomination in the Best Social Media Fashion Influencer category. This year I attended every single day of Malta Fashion Week, which was an amazing production. I did my best to enjoy every day and every moment, express myself through my looks and my work, have fun, blog and write articles about every single designer, enjoy the time there with other bloggers and photographer friends. Although I did not go home with an award on Awards Night, I kept a very grateful attitude throughout,  reminding myself to no allow myself to be dependent on any judgement to feel confident in myself.

I did speak to all my followers that week talking about our passion, dedication and  attitude to what we do all year round. That truly carries more weight to our life purpose than any competition that is created to keep standards monitored and measured. Also, in this  industry of Influencers, with every person having their unique strengths and subjects they talk about, what one person is being judged about for influencing is totally subjective to various audiences –  so it must be so difficult for a panel of judges to judge this category and I commend their endeavours. I look forward to each edition as it is a fantastic platform to showcase how much talent Malta has in this sector and I am so grateful to be able to work with many of these Maltese gurus all year round for my blog or my business!



GC – Company Growth

With lots of perseverance, strategic planning and help from financial advisors and new team members on board, my marketing and PR company GRAZIELLE CAMILLERI has strengthened performance and profits by 40 percent. Next year will be another year of learning and strengthening what we have that works and let go of what doesn’t.

I am grateful to have contracted some wonderful work including some amazing local and international brands you have met through the Blog for example including FINO, GABA, GUESS Tenerife, Vision Opticians, Academie Skincare at Marion Camilleri, Brown’s and many more.

I was commissioned to do some interesting projects and was also invited to travel to some beautiful destinations too for the blog including Rome and Vienna and Paris and this gives me so much confidence in my work this year.  I feel that by working with these professional brands, I know I am doing an OK job at what I do best – telling a story and giving information through my eyes and my senses.

Started singing lessons and kept them up all year!

I had a calling to start singing lessons in January,  with encouragement from a friend who is no longer with us in this realm, and not only have these lessons helped me with overcoming some fears of public performing and singing but I have many some genuine friends in the industry who will be more present in my life in the upcoming year. I also launched a cover song “You are Not Alone” which was very well received and am looking forward to launch more songs in 2019 as a means of self-exploration and self-expression. Face your fear and do it anyway was one of my mottos this year and will continue into next year.

Kept a balance in my life between work and family

Due to the lack of time dedicated to family in 2017, 2018 included prioritising a number of hours and days dedicated to my own family. I also had to refuse attending certain events or work commitments because I preferred to spend time with my daughter and my husband. I have learnt the importance of saying NO sometimes for my own wellbeing. It felt a little awkward at first, to say no but it does feel good when I now measure how much more closeness and feel-good factor runs more in the family because of this dedicated Family Time and Balance.


Started My Own Crystals business and branded it under by GC Umbrella

This year I took a risk and started a crystals and gemstones online business called Gemstones and Jewellery by GC . I had to learn so much about the beauty and the power of these beautiful gems of the Earth and it has been an immense learning curve! These stones have opened up a new learning curiosity about energies and energy empowerment and creating a modern business with these gems seemed  a natural progression for me to do.

I followed my instinct, my gutt and trusted in the Universe that what I was doing was beneficial to my overall plan and I am very pleased with the first 5 months of business. May I take the opportunity to thank ALL my hundreds of clients who have supported my first few months of business by purchasing my pendants and raw gemstones and I would like to tell you all that  I m keen to learn more and to  grow this crystals business  more next year and take it to another level.


Meeting Jennifer Lopez

This year I was blessed with a dream come true thanks to Inglot Malta and ROCS Travel. I was flown to Las Vegas to meet J LO – the epic woman, the queen I look up to for her attributes, talents and limitless re-inventions over time. It was a point in my life this year, where I needed to meet her to realise that she is a beautiful human being like you and me. She also is a mum of two beautiful children. With love, hard work and a good support system she has achieved so much and has not backed down when things went unplanned.

By meeting her face to face, I re confirmed that I am on the right life path and I do feel I want to be more and more like her, in terms of following my dreams and wishes without having fear of failure or disapproval – because I now know I deserve all the abundance the universe has to offer. I will shine my own sparkle in my own way. Blessed is this beautiful world we live in with all its mysteries and magical energies and I’m so grateful for this huge encounter!


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Spiritual Awareness

This year I have been drawn to a more spiritual path, which has involved challenging moments of letting go of old beliefs and patterns to welcome new awareness. I have had to crush myself to rebuild myself again to this reality I am happy with now in the present moment. I have lost some friends on the way, and made new ones and I believe that everything is always as it should be at the time and our circle of friends keeps altering according to the vibrations you send out. I have friends that I have had all my life and those will always be close to my heart and others are welcome to come and go as they are meant to. On my end, the door is open to everyone and I have no bad feelings for anyone, so if any of my friends have not been in touch in 2018 for some reason, know that I hold no judgement and I am aware that we all have our own struggles and sometimes we need time alone to realise what and who is important.

I have also learnt on this spiritual path, that in order to see change in others, I first have to dig deep in myself and face those patterns that have served me in the past but do not serve me any more. Too much ego can be an overkill and too much lovey dovey can also not help achieve our goals. I have learnt that I need to look at life as having two big wolves on either side of me every single day. One represents the Ego and one represents the Heart. I have to keep them both equally happy and fed to fulfill my full potential as a Human Being shining my Light for the better good.

This Spiritual Path this year has increased my curiosity of course for me to learn new skills, of a perhaps more spiritual nature. I have no idea yet how this is going to unfold, but I am so excited about all the work done in 2018 which is preparing me for 2019 and beyond.

There are so many other moments that have touched me in some way, some have been super simple such as listening to an old woman’s story and some have been quite brutal like arguments over theft. However what was clear in this year to me is that there is so much more we have been taught growing up that no longer holds the same truth and I know that there is a lot of work to be done on a global scale.

What I also Believe in my deepest way is that we all have to Start Looking Inward before Pointing Fingers and for the World to Change for the Better, We must Start by Stopping and Making Time to Think More about our Feelings and about what HUMANITY and the PLANET needs right NOW ! Let’s Join Forces More and Spread Joy More in 2019 and beyond! We can do it. You too can be the change by just being YOU.

How was your year? Have a look at your achievements too big or small and feel free to share them with us in the comments below my social media posts or blogs.


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Ending the Year With Love with the Dance Amor Amor Amor

Send you love today and always and Im really looking forward to share more of my exciting adventures with you! Are you ready?


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