Following my first campaign Dance Video “Together is Better” in February this year, one that went viral with 4.5 million Facebook and Instagram views with my bestie Francisco Carillo from Venezuela, we have decided to prepare nother one to end 2018 in style and fun, with the same mindset and inspiration to keep dancing and spreading awareness about different humanitarian subjects into 2019. This is our gift to you and if you like it, please share the LOVE

Grazielle& Francisco


The inspiration

We got inspired to follow our hearts and dance to the latinotune “Amor AmorAmor” by Jennifer Lopez, a person we both admire very much for her humanitarian values as well as her amazing artistic talents. We were inspired tospread some LOVE through dance.

Whether we all embrace it or not, Love and a Caring attitude towards ourselves and others is all we need in this world for it to become the dream place we all wish it to be, one based on more peace and love, community and compassion.
The world is suffering in various areas because of the greed and lack of compassion by the wealthy few in the highest spheres and because of the control of these few, many people and animals are not living up to their best potential and have to struggle to survive day after day.



Why a Dance?

Life is like a dance, a neverending one and everyone can relate to a dance. It is one of the most beautiful means of communication just like singing. Hundreds of styles are enjoyed daily by humanity. Why not use them to spread more love and expression? I can still dance a little and albeit my 40 + years I love practising dance as it keeps me alive and dancing with others always reminds me that we are not here on this planet to be alone or to stay alone but we are here to help eachother to grow.

By taking on each dance video challenge, learning a dance even if it’s not particularly my style, I also feel I am sending a message of encouragement and empowerment to other women, other mummies in particular, to keep doing things that make them happy even when they are married with children and have careers that keep them busy. Try that new cooking course or yoga course or reiki healing course. There is no greater feeling than doing something just for yourself. Once you do this, you are most likely to be able to help someone else do something good for themselves – and so on and so forth.

Francisco is such cool dancer don’t you agree? Originally from Venezuela and currently residing in Malta, you can catch him on Facebook and Instagram We have become friends in 2017 and we have never looked back. These dances are just a little token of our mutual belief that every person can make a little difference in the world starting with our thoughts and then our actions and our overall vibe and attitude. Dancing is one way in which we feel we are free and we can express ourselves.

LOVE has no boundaries

We both believe that LOVE is one of the main things we need, love for ourselves, our neighbour, our mother and father and brother and sister and everyone existing on the planet. There should not be hate against people who are not of the same sexual preference as you just because you don’t agree. Love has to be more respectful. Love is kind and it is not materialistic. Love cannot be bought with any money or favours. Love is true and shines the brightest light over the dark. Love unites and heals. Love is everything we need.

Let’s keep spreading Joy, Love and Happy Vibes across this planet and you will start to see more and more beautiful things happening inside you and before your eyes. Together, and by this I mean, Person and Planet, and ALL of many life forms can embrace this vibe and help it win over the darker areas of our lives that still need healing.




Amor AmorAmor e Mucho Amor

Grazielle& Francisco

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