Mediterranean Passion: Day 1 at Milan Fashion Week 2018

Day 1 in Milan the fashion capital of the world, was one amazing one. From the first day, we went to so many wonderful shows and presentations, which I will cover in my next blog articles and Facebook posts. This edition of Milan Fashion Week, being the 60 year anniversary has once again fashionistas from all over the globe fly in to breathe fashion and celebrate artistry in full style and glamour. From GUCCI to PRADA to VERSACE to mention a few, what we are to expect from the Milan shows is genuine passion and precision from all the participating brands. Here we are! I still can’t believe we are here again!



For the first day, I chose to wear this red and black outfit, inspired by Maltese colours and the Mediterranean life and the passion to do what I love.

This was a full outfit by the Italian brand MANGANO including the purse and the shoes. I totally adore this red maxi dress which has a beautiful colour and design, a lovely flow and little frill details which give it a romantic feel. I decided to style it with a short black jacket and leather booties to give it an aggressive feel. To finish off the look I wore these new MIU MIU shades from Vision Opticians and black and blue customised earrings by Virag Design .



Snapped outside the entrance to the PEDRO PEDRO Fashion Show with my bestie and travel companion on this fashion trip – Denis Aljush, Fashion Blogger and Fashionista. 






Hope you love this look as much as I do!

Thank you to Gordon Formosa at Go Raw Photography for capturing these moments before entering one of the shows in Via Tortona.



Was wearing:

Outfit: Mangano Malta
Eyewear: MIU MIU @ Vision Opticians
Earrings: Virag Design


Photo Carlo Jourdan

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