Blog by Grazielle launches First Dance Video “TOGETHER IS BETTER”

Hi Everyone! We are soooo happy and excited to be launching this dance video that officially kick starts our humanitarian campaign project 2018 titled TOGETHER IS BETTER. It is first of hopefully a series of videos and blogs including dance and other artistic talents aimed to spread love, messages and good vibes out into the world and for this reason we see many more people and companies getting involved with us.

The Inspiration

When I met Francisco from Venezuela a few months ago and he informed me of what his family are going through in his country, I burst into tears and I could not believe the terrible stories could be happening to people at this day and age. Young children like my daughter are dying of hunger because there is a monopoly by the authorities who control the wealth. People are living in fear and desperate for things to change. What can we do? We thought of collaborating to create something together that is fun to spread a message because we believe that if we all give a little, if we all make conscious changes for the better, the parts of the world that are still suffering will receive more help, slowly but surely.

The Message

Although we all live independent lives, it is when we join forces towards a common goal, that we are heard better and results achieved are better.

Help Each Other
To Achieve Your Goals
We Should Unite More
To Make The World A Better Place
Just Do It


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Why a Dance?

Life is like a dance, a neverending one and everyone can relate to a dance. It is one of the most beautiful means of communication. Hundreds of styles are enjoyed daily by humanity. Why not use them to spread more love and expression? I can still dance a little  and albeit my 40 + years I love practising dance as it keeps me alive. By taking on this dance video challenge, I also feel I am sending a message of encouragement and empowerment to other women to do things that make them happy even when they are married with children and have careers that keep them busy.  Francisco is also a cool dancer. Originally from Venezuela and currently residing in Malta, you can catch him on Facebook and Instagram !

Francisco and I kick started this first collaboration by asking for assistance from super dance choreographer and career mum Kristina Bianco at Dance Project Studios. We were soon joined by the fantastic camera and editing person Byron at THE PACK & YOU. NIKE in Malta at Hudson Group sponsored our clothing and we practised the dance for a few weeks until we were confident enough to film it!  All these companies gave their support and encouragement to help us create this first video – Together is Better – which officially kick off a series of awareness and humanitarian initiatives headed Blog by Grazielle  and we cannot thank you enough!!

We launch it on 26th of February, 2018. Our wish, our dream is that this video will hit over 1 Million views on Facebook. If it does, I believe in my heart that it will automatically kick start a series of other dance and music videos which I will open to international participation. These will always have the objective of spreading messages, love and good vibes. We are hoping that You and the universe will make it happen and we are ready to dance with you! Are you ready to help us spread some love too?


25114784_10159724376790013_1655447081_nWearing NIKE #JustDoIt


MUSIC & Choreography

The music: “Miss Independent” a tune by the artist NE-YO and the dance choreography is one that can be easily copied and repeated by any beginners watching it so we would also invite dance schools to share it to their students who will keep watching it many many times and share it with their friends! We look forward to seeing more dance schools and dance enthusiasts getting involved. Just be in touch with me!

The Message Behind The Moves

It is the year 2018 and it is unbelievable how with all our wealth and resources, we live on a planet where we still have thousands of people in different countries who are suffering from hunger, sorrow and fear instead of being happy and peaceful and healthy. How are we still blind to these situations and why can’t we help? It is within the power of each and every one of us to unite with better peaceful communication and to remind all authorities that it is only when decisions are made from the heart, that the results will be better for its people. We can make this world a better place by all the choices and decisions we

Now please do your part too…

Be The Change and Share Our Video !

Xxx Grazielle & Francisco



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