Colours and Dreams at Milan Fashion Week

Hi Everyone!

I ve just landed safely in Las Vegas after travelling for 24 hours straight from Milan via Toronto. While at the airport, I thought I’d whip up a blog with some thoughts and pics of this lovely outfit that was quite a success in the fashion capital during Milan Fashion Week. Another wonderful experience which I will hold in my heart for many years to come. If you were following my social media pages, you saw what a lot of interesting shows we attended and what a sweet time Denis and I had. We are just two soul mates chasing our dreams and making our own reality.

I see your true colours shining through
I see your true colours, and that’s why I love you,
So don’t be afraid to let them show,
Your true colours, true colours,
So beautiful – like the rainbow!

How many of you out there remember this song?

Hands up? An oldie from the 80s by Cyndi Lauper and recenty remixed by Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick. I love the lyrics because they are so positive, empowering and they transcend time. No matter when you will listen to them, or read them, they will still hold because as humans, the closer we are to our emotions and accept ourselves just the way we are, and love our neighbour as a reflection of ourselves, that is when we can become more peaceful and healthy in body, mind and soul. When we are more accepting of ourselves, love ourselves and love others without judgement, the colours of life appear so much brighter. So yes, show who you are, just the way you are.



Music is a language of the soul and I feel it encompasses emotions and sound and the strings are able to reach the heaviest heart. Colours too can look as vivid as we feel too and it is a researched fact that the happier a person is, the more colourful the universe appears. Music is a more vibrant way of expressing oneself and it often reaches us in the most beautiful ways. I love wearing bright colours! This Fashion Week in Milan was no exception.

Listen to the music that is around us all the time. If we are open to receive, the messages to us are wonderful!
To the subject about showing your true colours, who are we, what right does one have to judge a person for being gay or obese or too happy or too slim? Who is perfect enough to point fingers at someone else and throw the first stone? None of us has the right to judge unless judgement is demanded.

Love has no sex, colour, race or size. Love is an energy that we need to not only survive but to thrive in this lifetime, so let’s keep spreading love, not fear or hate. Why does society waste so much energy into painting ugly pictures and showing negative things like wars and plane crashes and people dying instead of spreading beautiful news like finding cures for diseases, tell stories of the good that millions of people are doing on this planet. Because they want to keep us from not experiencing our best potential? True colours of the planet are both positive and negative.

Why don’t we use our energy to spread joy, knowledge, education and wisdom instead. Good news, good gossip. That is what we NEED. Beautiful TV. Beautiful People TV. That never grows old or ugly. Helping others never grows old. Lifting others to a point where they feel empowered, a filled enough with hope to try to spread their hidden wings and fly. That never grows old.

Which colours do wish to spread? Hate and fear or love and good vibes? I know my answer.



This look

This was the look I wore on day 2 of Milan Fashion Week. The designs are by Fiona Couture in Malta, an award-winning designer and couturier and it has been a pleasure working with her for the second time. The first time is when she custom-made that WHITE SUIT for Malta Fashion Week and you ALL loved it!

The earrings are by my friend ViragAndersson, jewellery designer who custom-made these pieces with her very own hands.

The gold pyrite pendant which I layered with a shorter gold chain, is one of my jewellery designs available online at Gemstones & Jewellery by GC. It is made with a gemstone which attracts abundance, success and prosperity to the wearer. I set the intention and allow it to work its own energetic magic. Isn t it beautiful? What is beautiful about my pieces, is that no gemstone will ever be identical as another one because we are all unique and we should be treated as such.

Sunnies were Pradas from Vision Opticians. Colour coding to perfection for Milan Fashion Week!




What are my true colours?

My colours are neverending. I wish you to see me as vibrant colours of joy spreading outwards and some of my colours are not the colours we are used to seeing and that is why some people don’t get me right away and that’s perfectly OK. I am a person who encourages a positive mindset and positive thinking as one of my healthy habits to own my days. I work very hard to achieve my goals and I live my own reality which I’m happy in. I have low days and I feel a little blue and grey, but I try not to hang in there for too long as I find myself far more comfortable in the sunshine of my thoughts. I find that I m more serene and I work much better in the light than when Im in the dark.

Love to you all today


Skirt & Top: Fiona Vella Couture
Earrings and ring; VIragAndersson Jewellery
Pendant: Gemstones & Jewellery by GC
Sunnies: Prada @Vision Opticians
Bag: Michael Kors

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