The Day I met Jennifer Lopez in Las Vegas

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Thank you soooo much for the incredible feedback from the first Blog about my experience in Las Vegas. In this one, I will be talking about the main reason I was flown to Las Vegas by Inglot Malta and Rocs Group – which was to watch one of the last concerts of Jennifer Lopez – All I have – at Planet Hollywood and to meet her after the show – a dream reason!

43469333_340712343350983_1040635039261392896_n 43625958_309886249804672_2346511942870368256_n Now to put you in the picture, this was a HUGE thing for me personally, because J Lo is my idol and has been for many years now. If someone had asked me a year ago “ What would you choose? – 5 Million Dollars or Spend a Day with J Lo – I would have chosen the latter. Why? Because she is everything I have ever aspired to be – a hard-working entrepreneur, performer, career mum who follows her dreams and works hard to achieve them , inspiring many millions out there to do the same.   That BIG DAY, I woke up early to compose a letter to give to JLo and went to look for some fancy paper to wrap a present I prepared for her – one of my crystals pendants from my GC Online Shop! I went out to buy a new dress for the occasion in one of the large shopping malls on the Las Vegas Strip, because I had worn all my nice outfits during Milan Fashion Week and I wanted something special for this.   I had my hair done at around 1 pm, stopped for a delicious lunch treat at 2 pm, did some more sightseeing and at 5.30 pm I was booked for an amazing make up makeover experience all organised courtesy of INGLOT Malta and Inglot USA at the flagship store at Caesar’s Palace. If you were following my stories on Instagram, you got all the action by the Inglot make up artists and the wonderful glowy look. Here are some photos I took with my Iphone. 41162234_2307712479243731_176986413481864462_n




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The excitement inside me was growing by the hour. I felt like I was about to go in for an exam but worse because I had no idea of how she would react, how I could compile my one million heartfelt things into two sentences without crying or shaking or doing anything silly and I really  wanted to show great respect to this woman who has been a big driving beacon of light of mine for many years.

During the day, I noticed something unusual, kind of a signal from above that everything is perfect. Every single time I looked at the clock on my phone to check the time, the numbers were doubled up! 10.10, 12.12, 14.14, 17,17 and so on. Crazy right! Right through the entire evening. Coincidence? I doubt it. It is said that it is a message from the angels that everything is as it is meant to be and that I was not alone. That is how I chose to see it! What do you think?

You know, I had literally dreamt of one day meeting her at either a party or a red carpet event or maybe she would come to Malta to perform or something but when this Inglot Competition turned up out of nowhere, I participated and won it, I was totally blown away by the fact that my biggest dream became tangible and REAL.

It has really set me thinking as to what I should wish for next, but this time the wish is not something for myself, it is something for humanity and if I can be a part of the change, then I will certainly die happy and content in this lifetime.

You see, I’m really opening up here with you ….  I like to see LIFE as a beautiful human experience, almost like a GAME with different phases and points you earn by doing various things along the way. So.. this meeting with J Lo must be like my 3rd Phase in my Game. What next? I don’t know what next yet .. but I know I have to look inside myself and grow a lot to be the change I want to see.

I hope you will keep following my journey and in some way, relate to it yourself. I am not perfect but I am doing my very best to be the best person I can be and that is what matters to ME!

I hope you enjoyed this very special blog and I will conclude by sharing the letter I gave her. Send you my love and remember – Never Stop Believing!






This is the letter I wrote to Jennifer Lopez. This must be the most personal thing I have ever shared on my blog apart from the feelings of when my dear soul friend Alex passed away in March and I had written that blog “We are the heroes of our time”. Apologies if it s too long but it’ s the exact letter I gave to JLo and I feel I should share it with you. After all I am a messenger and I feel that this experience happened to be because I had to share it with you to NEVER STOP BELIEVING – NEVER STOP DREAMING – Look at J Lo. Look at what happened to me 😉

Dear Jennifer,

I am Grazielle, from the island of Malta! I am here this week for 2 days to watch one of your last shows “ALL I HAVE” thanks to a competition I won with INGLOT MALTA. I was in Milan for Fashion Week when I received a phone call last week and I was flown here – STILL CAN’t BELIEVE IT!! I am staying at PLANET HOLLYWOOD Room 1016 and fly out tomorrow morning back home to MALTA.

Dear Jenny, to meet you in person, face to face, has been a DREAM of mine for many years and it’s such a wonderful way that the universe has almost synchronised this opportunity for me to meet you on WORLD DREAMS DAY – 25th September 2018. Life is so beautiful when all our positive energies are so aligned that our wishes and visions begin to physically manifest in our reality. Dreams Do Come True and you are the perfect example of how Dreams Can Happen if we Truly Believe in our heart and in our gutt that what we are doing is right.

If you scroll through your Instagram messages, you will find that I have been sending you lovely messages and blessings since 2016 and all because I admire you so much and I send you good vibest and wishes regularly, to thank you for all the light and good vibes you emanate outwards to me and to many other millions of beings out there.

So many people are either surviving a life they have not chosen or they are constantly fighting to achieve their goals and dreams when everyone tells them they are not good enough or they are insane. Your ENERGY, your LIGHT, your LOVE and your constant PERSEVERANCE gives HOPE to many of US, to keep working hard and BELIEVING in OURSELVES.


I am a 43 year old career mum, I was a dancer and performer myself for many years working hard to make it in the industry and I ve been very blessed to have had some wonderful performance opportunities in Malta and London throughout my life including dance in music videos, theatre performances and many hotel performances. I have been told I am too short, my voice is too squeaky to act and also that I should stop dancing after I had a bad accident. I never listened to ANY of the negative crap and kept DREAMING and I ve made it Ok. I even started an online TV channel of my own called #maltatv TO ME, Grazielle you are the embodiment of the woman I aspire to be – A strong, determined, talented, loving, hard working woman with a heart of GOLD. TO ME, you represent the empowerment and confidence in OURSELVES which is the all-time new beautiful which I feel we need to keep teaching our children. Yes I too am a working mum to a daughter Luna a 3 year old who also watches and dances to your songs Ni Tu Ni Yo and she loves you too! I tell her you are an ANGEL sent to guide us into the LIGHT. DSC_8581

Me with my daughter Luna

I was born a dreamer in a society and a small island which has very often belittled me to stop dreaming and to be normal. I have always believed that a woman should have equal rights as men to make their own decisions in life and not have to depend on their parents or partners or have to sacrifice their core dignity to make it to the top. As a woman who comes from a tiny island in the Mediterranean, I have for many years been fighting to prove that women can achieve their goals, their dreams and slowly but surely I have been working my way up to be in a good place – I have done many things that no other Maltese woman has ever done including race car driving! Yeah! Now, I am a Blogger and Influencer and I have a small marketing business of my own. I have about 60,000 international followers on Instagram and other social media pages and they follow me because I share lots of joyful posts apart from fashion and travel posts, and I just share my daily tips on how to keep a work life balance, which is key to our physical and mental performance and other tips of things. I wish to inspire other people to keep believing in themselves and not to GIVE UP – ever!


I have recently started a very small crystals business selling jewellery online., As humans, we are made of energies, and our energetic fields dictate how we feel and what we attract. One of my projects is to help more people find the balance they need like I find balance and blessings in mine. I felt in my gutt that spreading these beautiful stones from the Earth via affordable jewellery pendants will help many people with their energies and their manifestations. It’s only the beginning and I have no idea where this business will go but I have a good feeling in my heart.




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I took the opportunity to send you the PYRITE stone, one of my personal faves, also known as the FIRE stone. It is a naturally formed gemstone which brings prosperity and abundance in life from business to love and relationships to the wearer. I hope you will wear it some day and remember how BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT you are in your UNIQUE WAY and how many millions of people you are inspiring with your Beautiful Golden Glow.

I am just a girl from a little rock in the centre of the Mediterranean just like you started as that girl from the BRONX and look at you NOW. YOU MADE IT GIRL!! You deserve EVERY THING you WISH for and MORE. Bless your family and your children and your beautiful man who seems to LOVE you unconditionally. So beautiful to see you HAPPY in your heart too after many rough patches.
I wrote this letter because in the meet and greet I would probably be so excited that no words would come out of my mouth and because I really wanted to express how IMPORTANT this DAY is FOR ME but most importantly FOR YOU! It’s a CELEBRATION OF YOUR LIFE and ALL YOU HAVE. I wish you more and more success!


My next dream is to one day have a conversation with you on some ideas I have to help make this planet a more JOYFUL place with some Projects to work on in both the health, TV and the entertainment industry ..but that is ANOTHER DREAM which will HAPPEN when the Universe thinks I deserve it and when the TIME is RIGHT. What will you do next? Would love to hear all about it and look forward to see you SHINE more and more – by justi BEING YOURSELF!

Send you much love and light and good vibes,

Forever and Always,


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